Who Is On 20+ Days?

Hello everyone! I am looking for people with streaks 20 days or more so I can be inspired to reach the heights of those above me. Feel free to add me either way but if you have a streak of 20 days or more please leave your sharing code so I can follow your progress and be inspired to keep up and catch up with you.

Sharing code - b29fee

Current steak - 20 days
Highest steak - 56 days
Age - 22
Gender - M
Location - Ireland

Anyone who resets is eliminated that’s how I work it as a game for myself.

Thanks guys and fight on :facepunch:

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Hey man, I’m only on day 1 but i saw that you’re a fellow irishman. I think you’ll inspire me so i’ll add you. My code is : 8c4147

Highest streak: 49 days

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Yes I am on the day 22… Add me 1861da

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Cool I’ll add yourself anyhow @aaronxswq5 good to have some Irish companions!

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Have added you @koylakhadan thanks and good luck :+1:

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