Which one is more worse?

Which one, watching porn without masturbating, or masturbate without watching porn

In simple language both are worse.


Watching porn without masturbating = Masturbate without watching porn

But masturbation without porn is little bit better. And also watching porn without masturbating is little bit better😂.
All have own disadvantages.

Without porn you just fantasy every ladies around you(So,every time you see them you going to get horny,they become trigger) and porn takes you to the fake world of ladies and more stuffs which you could never even know.
Either way your brain get damaged soo much.

So finally Without porn is little bit better I think soo because it at least dont take you to gay,lesbian,bisexual,gangbang etc etc…,

Dont masturbate. That’s the best choice.
Because we are here to recover our brain damage first of all. That’s how we break the chain and recover. Else we are always an addict. So we surely must hate ourselves and suffer, live with guilt and lower potential.


These questions need not to be asked here, its all up to you

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Understandable, have a nice day all of you :+1:

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Watching porn without masturbation @rafiif

Much worse than the other.

Both are horrible, but the first kills you without you knowing. Happened to me :frowning:

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