Which Avenger is more powerful 🦸 [Challenge concept]

Hey guys, how are you? I’ve a concept of challlenge. It’s an Marvel characters challenge. I present you the entire concept. I’m not much free and confident to complete it. So if you have the time and confident, then implement the challenge. It’s title goes to

Which Avenger is more powerful? :superhero::crossed_swords::supervillain:


Rules :exclamation:

• Participants can participate as a team.

• Each team contains 2 members.

• Each participant have to choose a name of an avenger.

• Taken name can’t be used.

• This will be controlled by 3 guys who have the potential to complete it.

3 moderators (can be selected later)

:beginner:Main Moderator

He has to be regular. He has to control 2 moderators and check everything clearly and give duties to the other moderators etc.

:beginner:Streak Moderator

Have to ensure the participants streaks are correct and update it in the table

:beginner:Art Moder

He has to do all the works in preparing the challenge page, table, editing wiki post etc.

• Successfully completing each day = +1 point

• A single relapse = -1 point will be deducted.

• Duration of this challenge (Seson 1)= till the end of 2022

• The Avenger having highest point, at last he will be the announced as the Most powerful avenger.

• Particiapants has to update their streaks everyday on this group or to the streak moderator.

• The team which get highest point will be the Strongest avenger team

How to participate?

Comment below your name, avenger name, Sharing code, Current streak,:ninja:t2:with this symbol…

Interested guys pls comment below to be as the main moderator. If he got the idea of challenge he can start doing the work. He can select other two moderators. Also he can advance this concept.

NB: I’m not ready to do this challenge, but i will participate in this

Thank you🎈


Count me in brother

SC - 8uwuwa
Current streak - 0 days
Highest streak - 69 days without PMO and 1008 days without P

I will go for Captain America

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@risinglion123 bro, it’s a concept of the challenge. Challenge is not yet started, This challenge need a main moderator. If you are interested, then you can. But please read it carefully. If you wish to be the main moderator of it, then please comment it and work on it, then you will be the guy responsible for this challenge. I’ve just shared the concept. Interested guys can implement it.

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I can totally help put this together! I can even make and be the main moderator if you want! I’m also down for art moder. Just let me know what you would like me to do or if you have questions!

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If you are ready to do this, then start on an upcoming day. But, you have to do all the works behind it, to find 2 supportive moderators, dividing their duties etc. I’m sure that, uf you are ready to completely focus on this challenge with great determination, then you will suucced it 100% and you will completely unavailable to do PMO. Beacuse you will be concerned about this…

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