Where is brother Forerunner?

Hi brothers Iam sure alot know him, also known as joshua n. Miles!
He is a huge inspiration for me since i watch all his videos on the begin of my journey. Please let me know if he is doing good if someone is in contact with him . God bless you all brothers


To contact him, just @Forerunner
I agree, he’s an inspiration to us all :slight_smile:


Thanks brothers @Dane1989 @Ash_Matt

I’m here, just quiet for the time being and working on myself. I’m doing well thankfully, working through some personal challenges concerning productivity like most of us here, but all is well. Family are good and healthy, my life is going fine. There’s much to be grateful for.

Like Ash said, you can always @ or direct message me. I’m still here.

We continue the journey and keep moving forward. GOD bless you all in your journeys brothers.


Happy to hear it’s all good :relieved: now i feel better best of luck in projects brother! Cheers