Where I will go 😠

I guess I will need to remove this app :sob::pensive: because I can access YouTube and the sexy videos in YouTube throughout this app from the people posting videos even I have parental is activated on my phone without YouTube app and google Crom app , this so bad I love this app :angry::sob: but I still can’t control my self so I have to go

I don’t know where to go … YouTube there is porn , on Facebook there is porn , on Reddit there is porn , on telegram there is porn on this app you can access YouTube so you can say there is porn on it ,. Where I will f**** go :angry::angry::angry::angry::rage:

It is nowhere if you don’t search for it intentionally. If you do search for it, there’s no stopping you from accessing it.


Well my suggestion stop opening mobile and other digital stuff then there is nowhere porn
You have a lot to do out there bud try everything up


It’s just an illusion bro, you’re being brainwashed into thinking theres something beneficial in it.
Running away from something like this will create fear, as a result of which you might turning this into some sort of forbidden fruit and start giving value to such kind of content.

Just have confidence in yourself and never settle for such muted 2d graphic images like these.


Just stop looking for content. I would like to search for triggering content but I use self control to stop myself. I’m not gonna blame it on the site. You just have to learn to have some control over what you let yourself look at.


@baki99, i will throw n this riddle at you…

You’re blocking it because it is everywhere, or it is everywhere because you’re blocking it - which one is it?

In my humble opinion - we’re blocking porn because we feel we can’t control ourselves, therefore we look for holes to go through and break through the fences we put there by ourselves. A vicious cycle.

My advice - while still having blockers try to convince yourself that you can do without them and slowly phase them out. Once you can make it without blockers you’ll know your will has grown stronger. Well, perhaps I should rather say your addiction became weaker, because that’s the better way to think about it :wink:


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