Where & how to get a gf?

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After having crossed over 1 month nofap, completely eradicating all nasty habits that I was addicted to. It’s was hard to be honest,I fight against my myself for first 10 days when the urges were very high.
It’s my second time that I crossed over 1 month, started nofap from August of 2020.

I am seriously looking for getting a gf, I am planning to start proposing girls ( whomsoever I like) after achieving 1 year nofap,till then I am focusing on achieving confidence in talking to woman. I literally don’t have any close female friend,all these years I was fucking addicted to f*pping instead of socializing. Now I really feeling so strongly to have a female in my life, someone I can talk to romantically, someone I can share my feelings.

I am NOT looking for one night stand or alluring girls to spend one night with me,and then ditch her off.

I’m seriously considering getting into a relationship. But the problem is I don’t have large friend circle,so where can I meet girls or make friendship with girls??

Thanks everyone and the RC community

I know myself how much free I’m now. There was once a time when I would become so restless to get a glimpse of my neighbor aunty and touch my d**k while watching her. Now in this 1 month period,I never tried to peek at her. I respected someone’s else wife. I was such a j#rk

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Simple acts of communication

Bro, in my opinion, nofap is just the beginning. There is unlimited, too much potential within you which is untapped. Be celibate for 2-3 years; forget girls. Do hatha yoga, asanas, pranayama and get 100% control of all your senses and mind. Work on yourself and make your self your best friend and don’t work on getting girls. Work on your life, passion and purpose. When you become successful and a great man all these girls will follow you. This is my honest opinion.


I think, to have a person in ones life whom you can trust with anything is such a huge benefit.
I think it’s a good thing if you look for someone who will be your closest friend. It doesn’t sound like you are looking for sex. That would be a really bad reason to find a gf.

There are lots of ways.
The most annoying comment (but i think is true), don’t search for a girlfriend. You will appear needy and desparat. Better, look for friends. Try to find people who share the same values and maybe there might be a gf among them.

For that, think about what is important in life to you. For example, being in the mountains is really important for me. So, i would join a club, go to bouldering gyms and just talk with as many people as possible. Again, don’t look for a gf. Just try to talk to people.

That would be my way. I personally wouldn’t try tinder. On the other hand, 3 of my friends found their gf there and 2 of them have now been s couple for over 5 years


When you said don’t look for gf, it’s understandable that I don’t wanna be seen as needy and desperate. What’s wrong in getting a gf?? Many young man have gf in their life,so aren’t they so desperate or needy in the first place??

Marked your words man. Whatever you say always has a provoking thoughts. I will now focus on achieving big goals,and try to be celibate for 1000 days ( which is 2 years 9 months). Then only I will start looking for gf… It’s a big bold decision that’s I am about to make. You know,I have seen many jerks,not having good looks or good at studies,still have a gf in their life. Now that’s what piercing me to be honest. Let me very frank with you,I’m not flexing about myself,but by the standard,I am above average looking guy and also quite good at studies.


Sorry, i think i was not to clear.
It is more the feeling. Don’t join a sports club and only talk to beautiful girls. Don’t walk around and judge like “i won’t talk to here over there because she doesn’t look nice, the one over there looks too old, aahh the one there could be my gf”

These thoughts will make it really difficult. Talk to everyone you meet. She’s 20 years older? Doesn’t matter. You learn to value friends over sex and you will learn to do small talk and to be a amiable person.
And if you talk to everone independant whether or not you are interested in her as gf or simply as a friend or a nice chat, you will increase the change of getting a gf


How many jerks you know with relationships that lasted 10+ years?

It’s not simply about getting a gf. In the best case, you found 1 single girl. That is enough. I met my gf at 16. We are now 28 and still together.


Thats so sweet man… Love you both already :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Like do u need advice on how to get or practical solutions?

Both brother
At last I will choose what to pick up

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As someone thats chased women for the last 10 years or so, I can honestly say…

Focus on what matters!! Focus on what helps you grow. I mean to say, focus on your career first. When the time is right, the right person will come along.


If u have a good job. Go out with women. Like meet new girls. You will surely hit it off with someone

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