Where go from here?

Okay i am ready to truly be free of this. I was introduced to masturbating at very young age and have never really stopped. I can’t get passed 30days and I’m sick of living like this. I just found this site and with only two day’s under my belt i am looking for advice on how do i do this? How do i start? What do i gotta do to truly be free from this. I thought if i just didnt do it it would just go away, i thought if i just didnt think about it and replaced the thoughts with bible verses it would stop but i can’t stop and everything I’m doing isn’t really helping


Hello and welcome to our community.

When I felt that I had a problem and started doing this NoFap thing, I didn’t quite know how to start either. Like many of us, I started doing the “willpower” method. Basically, I was telling myself “I will stop watching porn!”… but it didn’t stop there.

I started seeing actual progress when I started using other methods. Using tools and applying methods helped me reach 90 days for the first time.

I’d recommend you check out these sites:

The work of those two men has helped me a lot on this journey, I couldn’t be more thankful.

This site is also worth mentioning:


Some people also find tools and support in other things like 12-step groups or other techniques that other coaches promote. I’d recommend you have a look around what’s there and what’s a good fit for you. Just don’t make the mistake to use the “willpower” only… because that simply won’t work.