When will energy focus will come back?



Guys I have completed my 50 days but it still I am feeling low energy and constant pain in my lower back I can’t concentrate on my work and still feeling fatigue and I am feeling very lazy when will this fatigue or laziness stop and my energy will come back?


I suppose the time is not a problem. The issue is your attitude. You need to believe that you can, need to change your habits. If fapping made you lazy, laziness will not rewire your habits. If you work hard, it will become your habit and fapping will no longer be an excuse.


I really appreciate your advice mate, what you said is actually true nofap can’t rewire my habit, I I need to rewire it myself, from tomorrow I will challenge myself 1 hour of productivity and try to complete it I will start with small and make it my habit because something is better than nothing


As u said actually I did one simple exercise got out of my bed and just did it and my motivation was to give myself some points and that will convert into accessing my phone time for apps in digital wellbeing in Android pie I hope I will stick to this and one day make habit of working and doing amazing time 24 hours thank you


Try pomodoro technique

25 min work, 5 min break, 4 times then 30 min break


Reduce stress,think less,believe that your a man now and you need to take responsibilities,learn to live without being dependant on anyone, workout once every 2-3 days

Stay away from music,movies for a period of time


You are right I need to work out let it be aerobic exercise aur weightlifting I need to do it and I’m going to do it today no matter how much tired or lazy I feel I will do it today, I also took 1 revital pill for vitamin minerals which I have lost during my long period of PMO I hope it will help me fight fatigue


Stop overthinking and stress. These are very important too


Glad to tell you that today I learn for about 1 hour and actually did aerobic exercise as I planned, you are right about thinking, from now onwards I will not think but make a plan set a goal and just do it

Also not feel that much tired which I felt 2 days ago after trying only 5 minute aerobic exercise I don’t know that’s what I mean which I took help me or just willpower lol


I was also going to suggest exercise. There’s a great video about how the immediate benefits of exercise include improved focus and attention-span because the prefrontal cortex of the brain is boosted when we move.

Aerobic exercise is vital and it’s a habit that is a powerful replacement to any other deaddiction as well. :slight_smile:


Thanks for excellent advice and great video
I will definitely do exercise everyday no matter what because benefits of exercises very very large