When send diary big urges

Hello, I also have a problem that when I send a diary I have a greater taste with this cut. what should I do? What am I doing wrong?
yesterday I sent a diary and then I ended up looking at photos (half-naked men)
I’m at 14 days, my record mode pmo

Hey there ,

Well, since this looks like you are replacing porn(I guess) with these photographs as they are your “porn” now. If it triggers urges like you feel like masterbating to them or if you have masturbated to these pics before.Then you should discontinue the practice of the photos.

Sadly I can’t tell if you have been viewing porn before, but please don’t start and stop if you have. Seeing these pictures can lead you into nudes and then porn should you get triggered at this early stages of half nude guys.

I know you are also still young and also wanna see yourself maybe having such good physique. And social media does make it hard on us guys with all the gym junkies out there so it is kinda not a strange thing to see a guy flexing, but you gotta remember to have a role model in this journey to fitness. Which is good in terms of motivating you to workout to achieve such goal.

But important limit the view of his pictures and start working on your own body. Remember thes pics eventhough they look good and promote on how one should look is kinda a big trap for us, as we all have a ego in us and we build thoughts and ideas around what we are exposed to. Sometimes we look at ourselves and hate the way we look and dress whatever. Then we tend to over judge ourselves.

Workout, but don’t over do it. Since you are young remember you are in a growing phase so results will show, but might take long depending on weight and diet and how fit you are.

Make it so that you feel good at your own body. Do like 20 of each workout you know like Push-ups, sit-ups and squats. If it gets easier after a week or so make it 30. Also if you feel like it becomes boring ramp it up with planks or other exercises.

I know this isn’t totally what you asked. I wanted to add a bit more and show that these photo’s have a good and negative impact.

This depends on what and how you are going to use these photo’s for , but I’d recommend limit or to discontinue them.

In terms of what you did wrong. I think is you were bored and have checked out these guys out before so it was kinda a no brainer to do it again.

So in this aspect should you feel it is wrong, why not instead get a replacement for the activity and limit your phone use. Like I mentioned you can workout after the diary entries. Even go for a walk without your phone. Read or studying( too boring ) i know, but play video games or play outside with friends (be a kid and have fun!) .

The main goal is that the activity is much more enjoyable then to do this and that’s what you wanna aim for.

Hope this helps! Good luck and stay strong and awesome!!