When Life Leaves You with Lemons, what should we do

Hello people
Hope u remember me
I said I will come back on 2 may

But my exams got postponed till September

And I didn’t scored enough to get MBBS seat (just 20 marks away from it ,in 720 marks paper I scored 520 )

It was the biggest failure / ‘punch in face’ of my life and then comes depression , stress uneasy-ness anxiety And the worst thing is I didn’t make my Parents proud

I really really wanted to see their proud faces but…not this time

I was also diagnosed covid 19 , and was not able to study in the last month of my exam, this might be a good excuse…but Losers Find Excuses , winners find Reasons to do it
But I know it’s not about failure it’s about the process and I can surely say I didn’t give up on my preparation at any moment even when all odds were against me

So I am taking a repeat year will give same exam in 2022 , no repeating any mistakes this time
Maybe it’s a part of a Plan : )

What do we do with the Lemons , we make lemonade…



Same bro, even I’m preparing for NEET 2022


Damn lol … That’s clever


I can relate u dude…i m preparing for CA finals


Thankfully God has a plan for all of us :relieved:


Yeah…nd we should trust him


Straight facts!! When life gives you lemons don’t dry them out just make the fricken lemonade!!! Love this post!!

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