When I was on Day 27?

When i was on day 27, I was working in my office, I get bored and my mind was influencing me to watch the wrong content. then I came toward bed, laid on it and thinking about fapping and nofop. Urges were very high but you know once you get into the trap of watching porn then you will relapse for sure.

but you know how I controlled that urges?

There is a simple answer. when I laid on the bed, before opening browser to consume wrong content, I was thinking in mind, what are you doing HitMo. Today is day 27 and would you like to lose your all the powers that you gained in these 27 days for just 10 second pleasure? I know you would think my urges get stopped, but urges convincing me to consume wrong content. Afterward, I started imagine about my future dreams such as I am on the business meeting, creating new network with experienced people, consulting them about business and they are appreciating me for my work and by imagine my dreams, I fell into deep sleep for 30 minutes and when I woke up, there were no urges. I came back to my office chair and start doing my work.

It is the best method to stop or control urges. Initially it is difficult to control but when you fell into sleep then your urges will go away. Lie on the bed, do not pick your phone (it is very difficult) and image about your future life or dreams whatever you want to achieve and you will fell in deep sleep and after that there would no urges.

Thank You
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