When do you notice benefits?

Hello nofappers,
I am on day 85 of nofap hard mode(age17).
I had flat line from day 0 to day43 then I got out of flat line,8 days later I got into a flat line again.then its been on off flat line but now I am close 90 days I got my morning wood today after 20 days of flat line.but I cannot get a boner when seeing a hot girl and i dont even have the alpha male feeling which I used to have when I got out of flatline.
So when you get to see benefits?

And I didn’t had any wet dreams from past 20 days.I had a dead dick till yesterday.when I got out of the flat line I would have had wet dreams for every 3-4 days

Sorry for my bad english

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you will see the benefits once you accept them.

at the moment where you accept that YOU deceide to feel strong, you will feel strong.
at the moment where you see that nothing prevents you from being a strong person, you will be a strong person.
at the moment where you stop asking yourself why you still can’t get a boner and instead start living your life, you will get your sexual drive back.

don’t wait for nofap to give you benefits, don’t think that it will flood you with them after day x.
claim your benefits right now.


Why did you start Nofap ?
What benefits you want from Nofap ?


I started nofap last year and went into countless mini streaks
My second highest streak was 42 days

I want my libido back,I miss being horny af

Though You answered none of my questions but since you have told me your problem i can give you the solution.

If you believe in our ancient indian culture. Our forefathers had deviced a system.The system goes like this…

• A Man should stay celibate for first 25 years of his life so that he can fill himself with enough power which will help him in his career & later on in his married life.

:black_small_square:After 25 yrs he should marry and start his sexual life. He enjoys sex and have healthy childrens. He do his buiseness.

¤ After 50 yrs of age he should again go into celibacy. His childrens are now at age of 25 yrs. and ready for their marriage. He should guide them into their carrer & family life.

• At 75 yrs of age he should leave his home and goes to forest to teach the young generations the lessons of life. Earlier the schools were in forest. Now he has all worldly experience to guide the young ones.

:earth_asia: There is science behind this. This man can clearly see the difference between his first 25 yrs of life and after that. Therefore, he can get nirvana. He can set himself free.

:earth_asia: The good news for your dick is that you can use it any time you want. The theory of use it or lose it is completly wrong.


I started nofap to get that high testosterone feeling

Thats why you are not ready for it. You dont have complete knowlege and the right mindset.

If you relapse today… you will see the difference clearly. Your dick has gone dead because your sexual energy is rising into your head now… before it used to flow downwards.


So I need to give it more time?

Man, dead dick does not necessarily mean flatline. The thing that you do not get a boner on seeing a h*t g**l is good because energy is rising above Muladhara chakra. Why do you want to feel horny? Even fappers feel horny.


You should chaneel your sexual energy into your studies now.

You can do sex later on after your marriage. Save your sexual energy for your wife.


Because having sex drive makes me feel like alpha male
And it helps me with studies as my motivation would be high

When your wife will hug you & kiss you … your dead dick will come to life again.



If you are below 25, then you must do hard mode, regardless of degree of benefits noticed. Please don’t break the rules which are made for humans by nature, otherwise nature knows how to punish. Fuck alpha, fuck motivation, just do it and be happy.

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I can only tell you my story. I had many of the negative traits people in this forum have.
Low self esteem, PIED, no sex drive, unmotivated, shy, depressed and so on.

But I worked extremely hard because I wanted to change. I did all I could and now, I have all the “benefits” people are claiming that nofap will bring to them.
i’m accepted as a leader, high self-esteem, high motivation, i can have a boner whenever I wan’t, and so on. BUT, my average streak is WAY below yours.
You don’t need no celibacy to be an alpha, you don’t need celibacy to get a boner. Think of it. Do you really believe all the people you know who are alphas or all the people around you who have sex are on nofap or on celibacy?
No. They are alphas because they choose to be alphas. Because they learned to lead and to appear strong.

Stop blaming others (like porn, sex, the media…) for your faults and start changing something! Stop wasting your life waiting for benefits to come. Go and catch them

Maybe some celibacy plan can help you but you don’t need that! You can lead a normal, natural life just by working hard on your personality! Nature wanted us to stay in celibate in the first few years of our life. That’s why we don’t produce a reasonable amount of semen during our first years of life. But as soon as we produce semen, nature wants us to use it. Why should nature let us produce semen for 15 years but we shouldn’t spend it? (let alone that a few generations back, life expectancy was so low that we needed to have children at very young age. I mean, it is always fascinating to see that the life expectancy of people born in year 1950 in inda had a life expectancy of something around 40 years. So, they weren’t able to wait until they were 25 to get children because they would have died before the children grew up)


So what should I do now?
Train myself?

I personally would suggest that.

it is a little bit harder with the hornyness. Don’t know if feeling horny is the right thing. Maybe you would feel better if you had surges of motivation and energy. That could also make you feel like an alpha. I feel like this can come when you are feeling more present in life.

How is your life currently? Do you have a vision / long-term goal. What do you wanna accomplish in life? Do you have a good balance between hard work for your goals and relaxation? In which situation do you wanna feel like an alpha and what is preventing you from feeling so? Are there situation which make you feel bad?

Just as a little starting point for thinking about change


so that we can sublimate it during that phase and become awesome in every aspect. Also, when it comes to history of India, we should not just look at recent history because it is fucked up.

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Am not gonna lie you have the funniest question and answer that I have seen in a while :rofl::rofl:

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