When Did you hit your First Flatline πŸ€” and after what time you got morning wood?

People who have achieved 30 day above :tada: please share your experiences.
I always hear different time when it comes to get over with flatline.
Some people have flatline for a day and for some people it can last for a year.
So I thought to get some experiences you guys had to help people dealing with Flatline …
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I never had wet dreams, I follow Spiritual meditation before starting Nofap.
I am following NoFap Monk Mode.
Just now i completed 44 days of NoFap Monk Mode.

I hit my Flatline on Day 32 and it got over on Day 42.

10 days it took and i tried different methods to overcome it.

What are Your experiences ?


Can you please explain what a flatline is???

Flatline is the dark side of NoFap, one can see it when the brain starts rewiring process.
It’s the time when you feel ur horny level is zero, you stops having any kind if erection.
You starts to doubt on ur penis :grinning: whether it will function normal or not.
I think almost everyone feels it during the journey of Rewiring Process.


Thanks, i am experiencing this thats why i asked. Even though i get horny no reaction is there

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Could u explain what exactly happens ,

or is it common that everyone would go through this process, or is it depends upon the level u indulge in this fapping ( consistency)

Please explain


I made this topic when I was really fascinated by Effects happening in my Body.

My Streak is still active, so my thinking level has changed to an extent.

Anyway I will try to explain what I now thinks on the same topic.

When a man starts following Semen Retention,
He starts 2 process within himself

1 is semen which is pure Energy starts to consume within one’s body.

2nd is U start to fight a habit. (A habbit whose pleasure is so emense and beautiful, That level of Pleasure is not be comparable to anything)

These 2 things is so much effective that one’s Brain gets confused within itself, hence biological and psychological changes starts to happen.

This confusion Creates a so called Flatline a time period when a person observes that β€œhis horny level is going down and dick is not getting errected like it was” and this observation of within self starts doubting on NoFap.

Yes off course Flatline effects vary from person to person.

I don’t know to which extent one’s past masturbation plays the role.
But I think More the attachment with this pleasure (more Horny a person is) the More Brain Confusion it will be (more Flatline effects would be evident to him).

I hope I was able to answer ur question :pray:

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