Whatsup group for nofap

I think we should create a whatsup group… it will help more because we dont check this app offend but we check whatsup alot… If anyone have made a whatsup group for nofap plzzz let me know…message me here i will give u my no…
Thank you…

Yes I also think so too. But don’t name it anything relating to fap or masturbation ( cause my mobile is in constant use, A pop up of the group name every time someone replies would be embrassing) If you want I will be happy to join it

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https://chat.whatsapp.com/8Gb4hsJNWHi7qAm2RS2DQr or this my phone number massage i will add you but on one condition only discuss about nofap 9052891709

I cant open the link

You can messege me on WhatsApp i will add you in my group and send another link

The link is not accessable by this app. Also I was another post regarding the WhatsApp group. Are these groups same

I meant saw… it is in the off topic section

Tap on the link and then tap on the dots and select open in browser. Then, WhatsApp app will take over. :+1:


Is it on?what is the purpose of the group anyway?

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