WHATSAPP ME - Let's be available for each other 24x7

Hi guys, Today I was scrolling down in forums feed and realized that everyone here needs a companion from whom they can talk.
So, Replying instantly is not possible here. Then I decided to make a Whatsapp group where we can be connected as a Community and share are problems instantly and Help each other by replying ASAP so that no one can be helpless when Urge will hit them.
It can be our 24x7 Rehab. :pray:t4:
If you liked my Idea and Genuinely wants to be changed, then yoi can post you Whatsapp number here! Or you can Whatsapp me Directly and I will add you there.
I am available for our community 24x7. :reminder_ribbon:

Name : Deepak
Age : 21
Occupation: MBA Student

I am really looking forward for this.


Ok, I am 20 years old student my WhatsApp +79162563302

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+55027988526169 Márcio, Brasil :hugs::handshake::brazil:

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Hey, are you guys still there???

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Yes, You can Join us anytime.

7751890640…from india


i am in , surely we can support each other through whatsapp. bless you.

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Happy to have you brother. Will add you.

Text me you number brother.

we will communicate on ir mobile number


u can add me on whatsapp group

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Hi i am looking for companion to help me to stop masturbating… I am 45 male from france: +33783728301 WhatsApp


Add me bro please +918076269704

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