Whats your weekly rewards?

Most of you knows , to develop a habit you need to include a reward system. So if staying out of pmo is considered as a habit (a good one) , what will you give yourself as rewards?


I think NoFap Lifestyle itself is a Reward.
I don’t have to do nothing and it provides me Rewards after Rewards. every single day you decide to not waste yourself is a reward itself.


I think rewards are really important. But they don’t have to be physical things.
But if you never reward yourself with anything you will sooner or later quit.

What I do each night is to go through the whole day again. I acknowledge all the things I did well on this day and I write a list with things I would like to do differently the next day.

Telling myself what I did well rewards good behavior and hence I will do it more often


I think my reward is that feeling of going back to normal just a normal guy you know, nothing too crazy.


Honestly the streak trackers on this forum are a fun and rewarding way for me to congratulate myself each day!


The rewards for me are rewards of the self (if you’re familiar with Nir Eyal’s Hooked model). Feelins of achievement and having overcome suffering and struggle. Can also be rewards of the Tribe, the pride of getting the badges and being looked up to and encouraged amd getting likes in this NoFap community.


You guys are right. Nofap is itself equipped with rewards. :yum:

I like your way :+1:. …

I think i feel better when i unlock a new badge. # Best Reward for my nofap journey. …:dart:


You know, I’ve been thinking about the reward system. I mean, you do need something concrete to look forward to if you wanna persist in what you’re doing, because when the urges hit hard, you need something stronger to keep you on track. I’m somewhat loath to think that just the possibility of future satisfaction is enough, because it’s still only potential, so it’s not exactly concrete yet. And in my experience, when you feel the urges, you get primal, it’s instinct, it’s stronger than the rational brain, you’re not exactly thinking about the potential future. You’re thinking about pmo-ing, and there’s little you can do about it. But I can’t think of a reward system that would be satisfying, concrete and productive at the same time. Any thoughts?

However, I do agree, the badges, the timer, the challenges and the community on this app are really mindblowingly good motivation and support. It’s genuinely helpful to know that there’s other people battling with this, that wanna be better, and wanna support each other even if they have never met, and probably never will.


I don’t think that you need a reward you can work towards. I feel the same. When I have an urge I just wanna watch a porn. I don’t care about anything else.

But I think that giving you something after achieving something helps to condition your brain towards the right behavior

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I am still working on it :grin:. And yes this forum is kind of an psychological reward , but it’s hard to find an ideal reward that satisfies those 3 aspects

Yes I agree…that something will allow our brain rewiring much faster.

For me, my reward is a half-plate Chicken Biryani once every two weeks coupled with a Date with any potential girlfriend.


I reward myself with a really good lunch every week