What's Your Story

Hi Nofappers!
Just wanted to have a discussion to share how it all began, how you fell into this trap of pmo cycle. How many times a week you used to fap? And other such stories about you.


It all began when i was 13 yrs old.

I was in hostel in 7th class. My friend had a nude magazine. He showed me.
I first masturbated and ejaculated when i was 14yrs old. I learned it from my friends.

It was not a habit back then. Nofap started in my 8th class unknowingly. Our group of friends used to count days and compare each other. We asked eachother daily that if someone has done it or not. In 8th class my highest streak was 21 days.

In 9th class my classmates got in another sections and we didnt discuss about it anymore. From 9th class it becomes an addiction.
So from 15 yrs of age i had masturbated on an average daily until 25 years of age when again i discovered about nofap.

:bell: my eyes sight become weak in 9th class and i had to wear spectacles. My percentage of marks keeps on droping down every coming year.
đź•­ I got depression in 11th class and i had to take sleeping pills. Plus i started to fail in exams. Back then i had no clue what was happening to me. If i had i could have worked on it.
đź•­ in 12th class i got a serious body ailment that was my muscles get stiffed when i become nervous or stressed.

My life becomes a living hell all because of fapping and â– â– â– â– .



Kab tak hum log khood pe taras khate rahenge… mere saath yeh hogya, meri zindagi aise kharab ho gai etc…ek Baar strong determination rakhkar puraa reboot kyu nahi kar lete …aagar aapna Aisa hi chalta rha toh aise bhi bhaynkar condition ko face karne ke liye ready ho jao…


bro this time u better watch me reboot will be accomplished.


@koylakhadan :+1::+1::+1::+1:
@udi let’s see

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I also take a plede today to complete the Reboot .
I encourage you bro @HE-MAN123
To make a Topic about Reboot for just 4 of us.
In this we all shall support each other.


Yes dude i have made the accountability group for the four of us. Do visit there.

I started jerk off about my 12 Now I am 26.Since then I have jo 1-2 Times per day or even more frequent.
I have jerked in parks, basement, beach, gym shower,cinema, bus, toilet at university, work, shopping Center. I have often fantasised about women and men. I wanted to jerk off mutual with somebody but there was no opportunity to do this.
Beside this i am virgin and quite religious (I am a catholic) so wanking is a serious sin.
Actually life wthout porn is not hard for me. It is hard with out fapping. I stopped 18 days ago. My record is 30.
After those 18 i think my hair on face, thigh and stomach is more bushy end boners harder.
That’s all. I gladly read your stories

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Fapping was something I discovered myself when I was 11 or 12. I don’t think I watched ■■■■ for a year or two and even then I didn’t have much access to it for another year or two after that again. But when I started ■■■■ I certainly made up for lost time!

I was masturbating pretty much once or twice a day for all my teen years. I was always very low self esteem, never look people in the eyes ever! My ■■■■ I watched became worse and worse over the years, basic stuff bored me and was not arousing anymore. Trigger Warning Listing ■■■■ types: I went from basic ■■■■ to ■■■■ with milfs, fat chicks, hentai, public, gilfs, gay, tranny, rape, incest, bestiality etc. There wasn’t much I didn’t try and I watched all of this before I started to even kiss a girl I think.

I would jack off in more public places at age 16 even like public bathrooms many times, parks, even in the same room as other people who didn’t notice. One time I managed to jack off in my classroom, and I was sitting in the middle of the class! The thrill turned me on! But what was the benefit of these thrilling experiences? Cripplingly low self esteem, almost no friends, gaming all of my free time, absolutely terrible posture, bullied all the time and I hated everyone and developed a superiority complex to deal with my self hate which of course made things even worse.

So eventually I discovered NoFap and had a good experience with it getting a 58 day streak. It was my first attempt and when I relapsed I just went back to my old habits but I remember feeling really good during that streak. Since that streak I paid more attention to how often I masturbated and tried to stop the frequency being too often, though the fucked up â– â– â– â–  continued to get worse.

And then a few months ago I decided to start trying it again and since then it has been going better than I could have imagined! I accompanied it with working out this time and I’m more confident now at 24 than I was back then so that helps. I have a few close friends and I’m getting better at getting on with people but mainly my confidence is through the roof since I restarted.

Girls notice me for the first time and two have tried asking me to hang out, both are hot too! I feel a natural chemistry between me and women sometimes for the first time in my life. I have a good relationship with my mom for the first time, I am much more in control of my emotions so I don’t get angry at her and act like a baby. I dress really well now and I am the fittest healthiest I’ve ever been. I have career ambitions to succeed that I never had before, I want to become an accountant now and I am more confident in my abilities than ever before. I have more energy all of the time and I use it to do weights/calisthenics three times a week and HIIT circuit training twice a week in my home workout room and eat raw eggs every morning. I’m on a 45 day streak right now and it’s really easy to be honest, I haven’t had any trouble since the first two weeks which is why I’m really confident it will go on for a very very long time. I got 7 wet dreams in the first 26 days and since day 26 I haven’t had 1 so they stopped too.

Conflict doesn’t frighten me as much anymore, people listen to me much more, I’m way more present and passionate in conversation, being around women is easy and natural compared to before and I don’t second guess myself nearly as much.

This is all just the tip of the ice berg for me to be honest! It has changed my life in every way and I am never going back, not now that I’m on the other side and I see how much it was holding me back. I am literallý a new man and I feel like I can change the world. Regardless of whether or not I can, believing in my Power that much is a VERY potent feeling.

Hope this helps to inspire and change :muscle:


Wow man you have done it all! For me i almost exclusively fapped un my room. Whatever I think it’s time now for us to grow up and just drop these things which were once good and fun but isn’t anymore because it comes with an exaggerated price in terms of our health, mental and emotional well being. Let’s move on! Let’s try newer and better things life has to offer. Let’s give it a chance.

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Hahaha nice to read your story dude specially your teenage days. Yeah we all did really shitty things right ( jerking off right in front of other people without letting them know :joy: ). The teenage days.
Your story in terms of your personality and life have been one that of being from rags to riches, all due to your own efforts in Nofap. Your story has inspired a new hope within me to turn my lide around as well. Thanks Man.

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I was once an ex-optimist in my childhood, but it didn’t last long.
So I fapped since I was a little kid for no actual reason. I did that just because it was pleasurable.
But then…
At the age of 13, I noticed that I spurted a lot of sticky things. I asked to myself… what is it? Then I noticed that it was sperm. But what is this feeling? I asked. This is fun. This is pleasurable. More pleasurable than playing computer games.
And so the habit continues.
Sometimes twice a day, four times a day, but sometimes once every 2 or 3 days.
But the feeling intensifies when I was 14. I started to be attracted to cute females, and I couldn’t cope with the feeling.
And my classmates were ignorant of my existence, so I relapsed once a day or every two days.
At first I felt nothing after doing this weird thing. But it was said that fapping is a sin. But why?
Then I noticed the effects of my doing.
Classmates treating me like a crappy toy, the ones who were once friendly starting to be distant towards me. Then I started to lose all my potentials, lose competitions, lose happiness and bliss, and lose the ability to focus and concentrate. My body posture becomes distorted, and I started to feel weak and limp.
Misfortunes kept coming. My family’s financial state kept worsening, and I felt very lonely and I felt like a failure. I changed from an optimist to be a total realist who lost hope. Oh, and I forgot that I had a worsening eyesight (left eye -1.25, right eye -5.25) as time passed.
It was not until I was 18, that I finally admitted this shameful and dark part of myself and coincidentally find the NoFap videos by Gabriel Kalei Bocanegra, that I become motivated to do NoFap. But stressful situations make me relapsing… and relapsing… for two months… until now. I can’t even get past two weeks. And stress and overwhelming situations led into a fever just a couple of days ago. And now I am on day 1 again. A minor part of me still expects positivity.
The power of regret, realism, and hopelessness seem to be stronger than the power of hope and positive beliefs due to several facts that changes me from an optimist to a realist.
So… every reality of myself and my life changes me into a realist who just wants to give in to whatever happens… basically non-attached to everything.


Same. Except that my grades are actually still good. However, I lose competitions and keep experiencing bad lucks (i.e. making stupid decisions and missing an opportunity to participate in a competition) and only get just so so scores of several international English tests (i.e. IELTS). And I have been unaware, so I lost many of my belongings (like calculators), and the worse of it… I have no talent (unlike my other classmates in the same high school)… which have been leading to purposelessness for years (and it can become troublesome later in higher semesters in college).


And I later noticed that the college that I randomly chose was not the college that I expected. Well, you know the activities there… full of F@#KING crappy stuffs but there is NOT EVEN A SINGLE STUDY CLUB!!! Thus, I am trapped now because of my own delusional blunder of letting myself slip into a moth@#f@&king bullsh@#s.

I have been in the same place like you, but I only dare to taste the softcore version of P, not the extreme ones. And I don’t have the bravery to do that stuff in public places. Never! And the difference is that I am still trying to break from the curse caused by my own delusional habits, while having to deal with craps everyday.