What's the Difference between nofap but then having regular sex

So I’ve been thinking, obviously the outcome of nofap is absolutely positive and the results can change your life.

im simply curious what the difference, whether it be scientifically, medically, whatever, between nofap and actually having sex is.

I have read numerous articles and some mention factors such as increased testosterone, mood, etc. but would that not reset when I discard my children anyway? or is there a different chemical reaction in the brain?

I don’t even know how to put forward the question without sounding like an idiot :sweat_smile:


Bro there is very little difference.
If want to really feel the benefits than go for semen retention ( monk mode)

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I suppose its the same but when you do it with a partner youre not dealing with supernormal stimuli, youre only dealing with one other human and I suppose thats healthier than overloading your system like porn would. Still I think @MyAsceticLife is right and monk mode is your best bet, try reading easypeasy its seriously the one thing that made all the difference for me.

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