What was your biggest streak when you fell?

Hi guys, I had this question for a long time, and I would like to know also, why you did it, what failed and if you became addicted again. I would also like you to put the person you know who has gone further and then relapsed. I ask this question because after 100 days, nobody talks about the risks, and I think this stage is more difficult than the 50 to 90 day period.

In my case, my biggest streak was 114 days, and I relapsed because I swore that I was already immune to fap and that I have already overcome it, and started doing edging to show me how strong I was, but in the end I relapsed. My second best streak was 104 days, but this was only masturbation, because I saw a lot of porn without fap. What made me fall is that in the end porn beat me and I fap. These streaks are already 1 and 2 years ago, then I have not achieved streaks of more than 30 days. Today I am still addicted to pmo and Actually I am at day 12.

The biggest streak I know is someone who lasted 206 days, six months ago, and today is still addicted to pmo.


I’ve had a couple of streaks beyond 100 days, for example 150 (a while ago) or 125 days (recent) and I’m currently on day 7.

I don’t know how this information helps anybody, since it’s different for every person in recovery. Sometimes I’ve had “big” streaks where my downfall started a couple of days or even weeks prior to the actual full relapse. I’d mentally edge, or do “google searches” or give in to “peeking”, not bounce back and then slowly pave my path to a relapse. In other cases it would happen much faster, e.g. loophole found, watched one video and relapsed.

In the end, the streak alone does not represent where we stand in recovery. I’m not the same at day 7 as I was one or two years ago on day 7. Meanwhile, I’ve gotten better at doing accountability, getting my plan ready and identify what matters for me in recovery.


I’ve had a streak of 47 days. I had some wet dream which i considered by mistake as a relapse…no PMO. and so it goes.


In 2016/2017 I was PMO-free for almost 400 days. I relapsed because I had terrible insomnia for many days in a row and just couldn’t stand it anymore. I was just really desperate and depressed and needed something to feel better.

I thought it would be a single slip and it would be easy to get back in my feet and go on with my life as if nothing happened. It wasn’t easy, though. It’s been more than three years since then and I’m at day 13.

Because of this I don’t agree with the idea of “I was addicted and then I got addicted again”. I was addicted the whole time during those almost 400 days. The addiction didn’t just subside one day. Don’t get me wrong, I think all of us can recover 100% and don’t feel like a victim anymore. We can leave the addiction behind but I think to some extend it will always be a part of us. Even after years of No PMO the risk will be higher for us If we encounter porn again (compared to someone who was never addicted).

I used to think about that time and I wonder how my life would look like if I didn’t relapse in October 2017. But I don’t do it anymore. It makes no sense, it just makes me depressed. I take it one day at a time now.


Dude, I must say this, and I’m not trying to be rude or anything but tryna give an honest review.

This is stupid

Let me put it this way. Does a drug addict start taking drugs after the recovery to see if he developed the will power to stop whenever he want? The answer is no, he can’t stop because the reason drugs are illegal is because it’s dangerous and highly addictive, and so do porn, in fact, some studies prove that the effect on brain due to porn is way worse than that of drugs. We are not trying to immune to porn; we can never do that. Unfortunately, those porn industries are way too smart, and they know exactly what and how our brain would respond when we are on porn, don’t forget they’re multibillion-dollar industry and have best people working and had done extensive research to make our brain addictive and to take it on a joyride to the fantasy world.

We are not trying to immune our brain; we are rewiring it to the natural way as it is supposed to be. The fact that media is so much sexualized already makes the reboot more difficult.

To answer the question, what I have observed is after day 150, the urges won’t be the same as they were in the initial stage. They will much less, and your body & mind will be on autopilot mode to beat urges if you get any, which would be way less anyway.
So now you’re mind and body fully recovered, and porn is out of your life, you’re living a great life now most of the reason why people relapse at this time could be: depression, unhappiness or accidentally peeking. As most of the relapses are due to depression and not feeling good, I would recommend looking for a better shelter, something that could be your hobby or anything that makes you feel better, than coming to PMO. For me falling off the cliff after 400+ days was due to the breakup and extensive need for Se*

But if you’re intentionally going to watch Porn again, why rewiring in the first place.


I agree with @krishvamsi30. An addict cannot use his or her drug in moderation after some abstinence.

Some people might say “Yeah, but I know this guy who was an alcoholic and he can have a beer now and then without any problems.”

People like that might exists, but they are a vanishingly small minority. They are the exception to the rule, they are not the rule. With porn I think it’s even harder nowadays. We don’t have to go to some sort of shop or dark corner in order to purchase our drug. We have access to it 24/7. How can something like that work in moderation for an addict?


Highest steak at relapse: 80.
What failed: being unguarded to triggers, being a little unclear about my goals
If I became addicted again: haven’t relapsed since

As @krishvamsi30 says, there is no such thing as being immune to relapsing at any point. Unless, maybe, if you are in a fulfilling sexual relationship or directing your energy towards a life goal/purpose/mission in a very focused way.

In my class the strongest urges and the highest risk of relapsing occured between the 300 to 325 day mark. It was also a time of intense stress and uncertainty for me. Fortunately I was able to regain my balance and carry on.


I did No PMO for 6 months (180 days) in 2017. I was being too hard upon myself after breakup but this was a good thing that came out of it. Then I hooked up with someone casually and fell into the pit again. Now in a relationship again, very hard to maintain NoFap life. Real girls have always been trigger for me to go for PMO when I’m not getting anything from them. Also, this habit made me more loner so I only pursue actively when someone is interested in me. I do it either for fun or turns manipulative real fast. Thinking of settling down this time. If not, lifelong chastity is the way.


Highest streak was 98 days.

What made me fall? Arrogance simply put. I thought after all that time one relapse wouldn’t effect me too bad and it wouldn’t get me addicted again. It’s been 3 years since then. I was struggling to get passed one month for a while. I don’t think I’ve been passed two months since then, maybe once. But thank God I’m on day 34 and going strong. This time I’m quitting for good.


Highest streak was 60 days. My reason was unhapiness/not feeling good. So i will say read this: :point_down:

About accidentally peeking:
From personal experience, once if peeking is done then be extra vigilant. Cause urge to peek again will come.
And you can’t allow peek again. Stay away for doing this (at least for long enough time.)
If you allow to peek again then… well, domino always fall. Peek -> urge to peek -> Peek -> urge to peek -> …goes on and on.
Now you are playing with fire. Gonna get burn sooner or later.
After 1st peek, for a long time don’t allow any 2nd peek. This will cut the head of the snake right there.


My highest streak is 57 days. I want to make this streak of 1year. I am very excited for this…


My highest streak was 46 days. And the reason was sexting. It’s my fault I took that decision to fap.


It was 270 days, 5 years ago when I was 25yo. I was confident that time and proud of the war against noPMO, which it was seemed won. I could eye-catching with any beauty and could go in arguments with 3-4 guys at the same time. People felt attracted to me because maybe, they could feel energy of a winer around me, (I remember one pretty girl asked my phone number from my cousin, because she was feeling shy to ask it straight). And one day I watched p and relapse and never come back to that record.

Pros nofap: feeling sky is the limit, people like to be around you and pretty girls feeling shy in your presence and get interested in you.

Cons fap: feeling like the useless piece of shit, wishing to isolate from the rest of the world, girls don’t even look at you as they would know what you’ve done.


Mine is only 56 days. Yeah, if I remember my life really did improve. I was hitting the gym regularly, was working more… it was a better life Comparatively. I relapsed because of very stupid, utterly silly reason. I regret it to this day. A relapse is like a bullet, it can kill you.