What to do when you get insomnia

Lately my insomnia is getting worse since the covid.And I found that fatigue is my biggest urge to relapse.How do you guys handle insomnia?

Are u sure its insomnia?.. Or are u just finding it hard to fall asleep?

I really don’t know man.Sometime I can sleep and sometime I cannot sleep at all.

bro, i too suffering from insomnia

Insomnia is actually a problem. You might wanna consult a doctor. But if you just find it hard to sleep there are solutions

If you just find it hard to sleep, you can do this

  • Don’t drink coffee after 5 pm
  • Don’t have a huge dinner
  • Reduce phone usage (Blue light makes it hard to sleep) (use a blue light filtration app)
  • Read a book before bed
  • Don’t sleep in the afternoon
  • Workout in the evening

I find hard to sleep

Follow above steps… Nofap will make it harder to sleep… But only for few days

People with regular sleep patterns sometimes find it hard to sleep due to withdrawal of noPMO.

No / less sleep causes drop in willpower and efficiency. Hence chances of relapse increase.

So… Dont use social media to fall asleep. Dont be bored. Just chill, this phase will pass.
Follow the tips of @The_wild_perception they are good… Also, I didnt had coffee after 2 pm, 5 pm is late for me.

I had struggle sleeping so here is what I did to sleep and avoid fapping

These are the strict rules I followed

  1. Eat breakfast at 8am and don’t eat anything in between also don’t even drink water untill it’s 8pm this will make your body tired. When you eat dinner at 8pm you will feel dizzy and sleepy. To know more about this search about intermittent fasting.

  2. Do the most boring things you can do whatever it is for you. (For me reading books) This will make you sleepy entire day but don’t sleep during day time.

  3. Don’t touch your mobile phone and if you want to use internet, use it in computer but your computer must be in living room where everyone is there, So that you cannot watch porn in front of everyone. Make sure your phone is in 0% charge !

  4. what ever it is force yourself to wake up at 6 am, even if you slept only for 4 hours just wake up at 6am or some preferred time for you. You can go to sleep late but wake up in the same time every day without fail and never sleep in the middle of the day.

  5. If you ever get urge don’t stay alone ! And rush to someone like brother or friends and just sit with them or do something but never stay alone.

Try this for 2-3 days and eventually you will learn how to tackle and control. You might fail but always learn what went wrong and remember it. And apply the strategy based on what you have been through.


Thanks a lot man, definitely it means a lot to me

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