What to do to, increase our height?

Hey, let me say about my problem. I’m an 18 yrs old boy having 165 cm height. But my freinds and other stranger guys have more height than me. I’m not conparing me to them.

I believe that, genetics has amajor role in this. But I’m a little insecure of my height. So guys pls share any ideas, foods, any special workouts,etc to help me. I need only 5 cm or 170 cm total. So I hope anyone can give me a suggestion. I posted here, beacuse this forum is a wide area and many ideas can be shared here.
Funny answers are accepted :slightly_smiling_face:, but troll is banned here :x::sweat_smile:

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You have another 2-3 years more before you stop growing. And as you said, it’s 95% genetics. Add 2-3 inches to your father’s height and that about the max you will grow. If you have already reached that height then I have nothing for you. But if not, then you can do something about it. Even though i don’t know if it will work or not. Because genetics.

Ok there is no secret to height increasing. It’s the same things. Workout and eat properly. The best exercise for height increase in my opinion is swimming. If you can swim then drop everything else and focus on training in swimming. Other options are basketball, volleyball, badminton etc. Food wise it’s all about proteins. You need proper nutrition. Eat enough protein a day. For example if you are say 60kg, you need to eat atleast 120 gms of protein a day. Atleast. It’s the most difficult thing to do, but it’ll work. Also healthy dose of fats are also must for proper hormone production. Also pay attention to calcium ans iron and other such micronutrients.

All of this sounds overwhelming i know. But do what you can do. When it comes to height, there’s only so much you can do. And the earlier you start focusing on height the better.

Other tricks you can use to look taller is to wear monochromatic outfits. Like wearing blackand Grey’s. Or black and blacks. Idea is to pair both shirts and pants that is in the same colour family. You can also wear vertical stripes. It gives the illusion of length

Another trick is to wear boots or shoes with thicker heels. But in Kerala, i don’t know how applicable that is.


My father is taller than me. Then I will get more height than now.

Yes, but I will try to add it in my food menu.

Oh, interesting facts :star_struck:. I will try it. I’m often using these kind of dresses. But I was not aware of this trick :joy: let me use it more :joy::joy:

At present, I’m using a shoe having an inch heel with a good design. So there is no prblm at present.

@GOVIND-19 thank you bro for this great information :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Also have a question that, do pushups,chest,arms and abs home workouts (not using gym) prevents height growth. Does it contain any kind of truth.


Height Increase _ Till 35! | (Pituitary Gland Meditation Height Growth) | Grow Tall SuperWowStyle - YouTube you wanna try this out? I’ll leave it to you


Let me check it out :sparkles:

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Absolutely not. It’s a myth. No exercise will hinder your height. The only proven exercise is overhead presses, that too Olympic level weight. You have nothing to worry about. Infact exercising from the early age of puberty can exponentially increase height. There’s tons of studies to prove that exercise helps height growth


Oh, i was worry about that and i refuced my workout habit for the past week… Now i gotta do it. Thanks man

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Apparently tall people started saying that because they got jealous of shorter guys who were much more built than them. That’s what I’ve heard, can’t confirm if this is true. But gym definitely either helps height due to stretching exercises or has no effect.

Also your dad doesn’t have to be the benchmark of how tall you get. I’m already around 3-4 incues taller than ny dad, and I’m not done growing.



Oh got it. Thanks


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