What to do next after 90 days?


I accomplished day 90+ should I continue the streak or else do healthy MO practice???

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Nooo please just continue, keep on growing stay away from it. Am on day 129 not considering going back


Bro will share ur code?

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Yeah sure my code is 01e5aa. Hey would you want to go back to hell why would you want to fall to hell again


Ok if you think of it this way it makes a lot more sense: You were probably addicted to porn and masturbation to some degree. It was an addiction, you NEED to treat it seriously too! If you quit smoking for 90 days, do you think you could start a “healthy” smoking practise then!?

Unfortunately you developed a very bad relationship with masturbation from watching porn for several years (I’m assuming), 90 days might be a soft reset to re-wire your brain a bit, but the addiction is STILL THERE! If you start masturbating again you might be in control the first time, maybe even the second time, but trust me it is a very slippery slope back into addiction from there. How could it not be? 90 days isn’t a miracle pill to fix your relationship with masturbation, it’s a miracle pill to FREE you from masturbation and give you control BACK over your life. What do you think will happen if you return now with open arms?

You will undo a lot of the work you have done.

Maybe you could try healthy masturbation after several years without masturbating. How long would a smoker have to be clean until they could smoke at the odd party without getting addicted again? It all depends on how long you were addicted for. Since you were 12 or 16, or 23? Maybe within a few years, maybe within 10, maybe never! But whatever you do, compare it to smoking or drugs, it IS unnatural and it is almost ALWAYS an addiction, just like smoking or drugs!

Keep your resolve, you won’t regret it. :muscle:


I read a post earlier of girl who shared example:- if you do fast for three days it doesn’t mean you should quit eating for whole life due to its healthy. She also said that she wouldn’t do for whole life she enjoy PMO. Her thoughts slightly influenced my thoughts. Tnx for saving me from a relapse


You can’t take advice from girls on this porn/masturbation addictions, because it doesn’t affect negatively as it does to us. When we ejaculate we release energy, large amounts, that’s why you feel relaxed and want to go to sleep, girls don’t release anything for them masturbating is a plus, nothing changes, it might be bad if they just ready addicted and it gets in their way of doing chorus and stuff but other than that for women masturbating is healthy. So for us ejaculating is what makes it so addictive, it’s not the porn, if you had a good physical condition and you masturbate you loose whatever condition you had because ejaculating so frequently will take all that energy, did you know boxes and soccer players and I bet most other athletes have to stay abstinent 3 months before return to their sport and stay fairly abstinent while in season.

I also agree with petrassib, if you have been addicted for too long, your not only addicted but you body and brain are also, so as much as u want to change you body and mind will crave for it, so you have to re wire your body and brain, by taking long periods of abstinence, because otherwise your body and brain won’t get used to you being back to normal. I do believe that some point you can do it and than be able to stay clean, with less effort and urges more frequently not sure tho, it’s a matter of case by case, for me I’ll try to stay clean for a long time.


Does a drug addict after coming out of rehabilitation. used drugs again?
for us. porn is just like heroine. cocaine. or any other drug.

this is a fight for life. and you are always liable to fall back and end up watching porn and masterbating 3 times a day.

just like the diabetic person. we are addicts for life. we have to be on alert for live.


I’m learning a lot from this thread. Great answers.

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When the urge comes, pls dont search on gooe if pmo is healthy. There are a lot of sexologists who say is healthy, and they are bad for your journey.

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