What to do after u relapse...like how to overcome that dizziness after a relapse?

Just relapsed…so tell me guys what to do to overcome the dizziness or difficulty in thinking?

Firstly inform on fighter challenge group :joy::joy:

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depends on your circumstances.

in my personalexperiences one needs to do 2 things:

  1. prepare for the chaser effect-> get ready to be horny at to thnik of PMO again → one needs to prevent that somehow.

  2. get back some energy to get toher things done throguh out the day.

it qould be great if you can find sth that does both things.you will have an enrgy low so you need tog et some enegry back and also get your head into sth that helps you focus .

some suggestions:
take a shower first hot than cold to get the pump going
take a nap of 30 minute
take walk and write about what haooened and how you could preventthat in the future
make a coffee break somewhere where oyu ahve o access to PMO and thnk abiut what got oyu triggered be compassionate to yourself it happens to everyone and it is okay!!! just another step froward.

i feel you and i wish you success also:

i would be very interested ion what you acutally did :wink:


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The dizziness shows that you shouldn’t do it. When I relapsed I too felt extreme weakness in my body. It’s good that the dizziness is happening. It should happen everytime you relapse. Will keep you in check

I don’t know what kinda shit you are into, but I don’t get dizzy after a relapse. You shouldn’t. You usually feel very relaxed which is normal after ejaculation, but if you feel dizzy or if you lose your footing after a relapse, it might be something else altogether. Maybe you are low in blood sugar levels

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