What to do after completing 1000 days of nofap?

Hello Guys…

Today I was wondering what if I completed all my 1000 days of nofap then what we are going to do???

Are we going to delete this app and start fapping again?

Or we will continue throughout the life.

Please let me know your opinion below.


After completing 1000 days you become free . and you will not even think of going back to that shit world again.
the person who goes back to fapping after completing 1000 days will be the biggest fool of the world. he will regret till he reach day 1000 again


in short you are gonna continue nofap and start helping others who are trapped in this



You are absolutely right brother. I salute you for your thoughts. Let’s make this happen together.


You can either delete this app and forget anything porn/Nofap community related for the rest of your life or keep helping people struggling with this problem here


Buddy all these 3 years you would have seen lot of people trying no fap…

Why don’t you write a book something like 999 days of abstinence… With your experience…

Write daily one hour,

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