What specific change did you make to get on the path of long streaks?

Today I have reached 42 days without porn, masturbation or orgasm. This is my longest streak ever and the first time I’ve made it past 7 days since starting nofap all the way back in Feburary. My streak may not be as long as some others on here but I see plenty of people struggling to break past the 7 day mark and I think I can help.

If you’re anything like me, there was a specific change or two you made to get on the path of long streaks. I believe the big change I’ve made this time around is that instead of telling myself that I will never PM again, which only leads to unbearable cravings and bargaining in the mind saying that you might aswell fap one more time since you’ve only made it a day or two, instead of doing that whenever I have an urge I’ll tell myself that all I need to do is reach 90 days of abstinence and then I can fap all I want again and the urge subsides. Whether I actually will fap again after 90 days I have no idea, but I do know that a goal of 90 days is a lot more bearable and gives you a lot more willpower than saying you’ll never fap again in your life.

If your streaks only last a few days and after you relapse you swear you’ll never touch your dick again only to find yourself relapsing a day later this could be your solution. Just the thought of never fapping again is too much trauma for an addicted brain to handle.

Does anybody else have that one thing they did differently to put them on the path of long streaks