What meditation/awareness approaches do you use?

The no-pmo journey is often about riding out the urges by letting your bodily sensations be there without giving in to them. So, what are the particular methods or attitudes that you use for accomplishing or assisting in that goal? What kind of meditation (zen, mindfulness, body awareness), or what kind of perspective (stoicism, self love, self improvement), or physical activity helps you stay centered amidst the commotion?

For me it’s usually a regular practice of mindfulness and sustained body awareness that does the trick. How do you do it?

thanks for this great topic. Really curious what tips other people have.

In my case, I currently prefer something I found under the name “do-nothing-meditation”. It is basically just sitting there and taking your self back from your thoughts. You observe your thoughts from a third person perspective. That means your not pushing thoughts away or guiding your thoughts in a certain direction. You just observe them and let them pass.
This really helps me to find things that stress me and lets me calm down.

I really have to look into stoicism. Never heard of it but a quick google search sounds very interesting. So far, Self confidence and happiness were my driving forces. I think that our primary goal should always be our own happiness. I put myself first, then my girlfriend, family …
if I can’t love myself, how should anyone else be able to?
If I’m happy it makes everything easier. It makes my life better but also, I can help other peoples better if I’m happy. It doesn’t mean that I’m egocentric. I would love to help others with my experiences but therefor I need to help myself first.

That’s a great answer. Developing that kind of an impersonal view of thoughts is a tremendous strength when it comes to not giving into lack-based or short-sighted thought patterns.

Totally with you on keeping yourself happy! You can only give what you have, and if you are not happy within then you won’t be able to tranamit that ti others. Fortunately, doing nofap for some time helps you see that happiness and a sense of well being arises from within if you don’t waste your energy on addictions like PMO, and there is so much love within you to spread :slight_smile:

Look up at the kriyayoga meditation on youtube.Its great.

@Shiva12 Cool, thanks for sharing!

Well you are always welcome mate.