What is your Streak and how you feel?[

Its day 14 without fapping
I feel a slow improvement in my healt and I’m more relaxed…
What about u


Day 22. My testosterone levels have risen, I feel an increase in energy, my motivation to do things is increasing, and Ive had an increase in confidence aswell, my speaking is clearer as well, I don’t sound or come off as rude when I talk, which is something I deal with on a low streak.


Day 64
Frequent mood swings and memory issues . Unstopping mind , laziness hits hard . Want to recover from this .

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Day 1206

Tired only because of the humdity in Tezas right now. Otherwise im AWESOME!!!

1206 is huge :flushed: dammit

No, just take it a day at at a time with alot of small adjustments along the way.


On my 11th day. Heavily tempted and fighting. Try to stay strong, but even if I turn weak, I resist till I can.

Hope all of you are doing well!


Day 0.
Before it was 8 days.
Its been really overwhelming
How do i stop it?
When did it take over me ? I didnt even realise that i was getting addicted :pensive:


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