What is the best music to overcome urges?

Hi all, I’m pleased to meet you, this nth time I try to rewire. I am a man, 30. I feel, when i have urges that some music can distract me and make me feel more peaceful. Beatles and Chopin at moment.
Does someone of you experience something similar? Would you recommend some music in particular?


These three are best to kill.

Piano music, Anime OST and Two Steps From hell music collections are good to keep the mind at ease.
Hope this helps.


Found this epic!
You might not feel the urge go away, but It works for me
Very very well!
Prob bcz this music is emotionally attached to me…GO ahead and find music that makes you intensely happy, prob emotionally connected too!


Chopin nocturne no.9 is my fav.


Best music? Tick tock of a clock… Nearby road traffic sound. People talking… Whistling sound of silence in ears… Sound of breathing…

Close your eyes and JUST LISTEN.

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Hey great idea for a topic and welcome @Gatsu!

i would suggest music that fits and capitalizes on the trigger for the urges…
if youare triggered by boredom maybe sth stimulating
if you are triggered my stress maybe sth calming or white noise xD
if you are triggerd my images etc maybe sth distracting as in favorite movies, soundrtracks

for me personally i ahve a workout playlist and if the urges hit and i feel edgy to do sth. or very bored/ with a lack of drive i try to lsiten to the workout and get my self pumped up.
→ also helps when i feel like i am flatlining xD + some dancing around -.-^
when the urges hit when i am sad i ahve some pretty sad anime soundtracks that help me get into the feeling instead of avoiding it by PMO


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