What is nightfall

Hey guyz can anyone tell me what is nightfall and what happens in it. How do you come to know it had happened. Answers please

It is The same są wet dream - ejaculation during sleep. Trust me You will now :wink:

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I had one nightfall in my life.
It came on 17th day of hard mode.
Dreams are of erotic nature and crystal clear.
During ejaculation you will feel your penis like a lava shooting out of it . So hot and you wakes up. Go to the bathroom and see a lot of precum or cum in your shorts. It confirms it.


Thanks bro…i hv understood

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I have only one wet drwm a few years ago during my longest streak (about 30 days) It was big pleasure but it has never happened again :grin:
However I read recently that one guy had had it after 44 days

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