What is flatline ? Doubt(tell me)

Hello guysm…many here are saying word ‘flatline’ …what does it mean ? I want to know


Hi there. It means a period of time in NoFap that you get all the bad symptoms except of the benefits. By bad symptoms it means you will have no urge and 0 libido.


My flatline period was 7 days of hell at around day 45. I was fatiqued, angry, sad, had no libido, no drive, didn’t care about anything… But once you overcome this… Oh man… It’s like, you have to go through chaos to experience order and peace☯️. This period tests you physically and mentally. And benefits of overcoming this period are amazing. I’m thankful looking back at it, because it made me realise that I have to be grateful for every single thing I have in my life.


From a biological perspective : Side effects /withdrawal simptoms of porn are similar to the ones which are caused by cocaine and other drugs - you brain is in alert mode because there is no more dopamine, no more “PMO” in your nervous system


When do flatline hits generally & it’s time period :thinking: ??

I’ve seen people experiencing it at 25th day… I was rather “late to the party” - at around day 45

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I think there is more versions of flatline. Stronger ones and less troubling ones but all of them is the same in the way that they will challenge your willpower. I say this to make you aware that it is not definately a good idea to prepare for flatlines based on how others describe it.
I have 8 days in and I’m in flatline from the very first day(maybe because i had streaks before my last relapse). My first five days were heavy on me. 0 libido, really bad and sensitive mood and never been this easily irritated before. After the 5th day as if fog slowly started to disappear my overall mood is better and better day by day. I feel good right now in a joyful calm way. However my libido is still 0. Nothing changed on that front.
This is my current experience but as I said, don’t expect that your’s will go the same way.