What is considered bad in No Fap.?


Hi. Who here knows what is considered bad in noFab? Im new to this whole no fab thing. Like for example if you have wet dream is that considered already bad? I think that’s ridiculous. Like right now I just had a little bit of sperm come out. Wasn’t much. It was like a tiny bit. Not even drop of water size. But it just happened. Didn’t willingly masturbate so? What did I do? I slept naked and stretched. And it happened a little bit came out. Personally I don’t think its bad to be honest. I didn’t Willingly masturbate. What do you guys think?


Wet dreams are normal, you did nothing wrong i get them all the time and i hate them​:sob::sob::joy::joy::joy:

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Haha. Good thing no girl see some post like this. They might think "men are crazy"haha. Good to know its normal. I’m still day 3. :muscle:

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:joy::joy::joy: yeah some girls would be scared but they have more scarier problems than us dudes to be honest

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for me, everything that’s done naturally is not bad.
for me the only things are no porn, no masturbation, no “porn sex” ( only out of love and not acting like they do in a porn)


I totally understand what you are saying, sex is totally different thing and normal unlike pmo


Yeah porn destroys man. Didn’t even let me. Get out of house. Haha now I get out to perfect myself.

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Edging is bad in nofap.


Masturbation is worse


Thinking that I’ll just take a peek of porn during noFap is really dangreous .
You’ll never know when from sneak peek you turned to stroking
Don’t let the brain trick you into it…

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That’s true. But I think if it happens natural I don’t think its bad. As long as you dont give in to it. And masturbate.


If you truly want to change and get rid of this terrible addiction, I consider the following as no go’s (even in softmode):

  • peeking
  • edging
  • constantly staring at pretty girls on the street (yes, you know what I mean. Staring at random girls, objectifying them and having dirty thoughts)
  • quit visiting Rewire Companion because you might “be cured” - you’ll never really be.