What happens when you do No Fap? 6 No Fap Benefits to Consider

What happens when you do No Fap? 6 No Fap Benefits to Consider

Benefits of No Fap that you can get

The No Fap movement is growing so fast and for a reason — there are many benefits of No Fap. Here are the No Fap benefits that you can experience for yourself.

1. Lots of free time

Depending on how much time you spend consuming porn and masturbating, doing No Fap can free up a lot of time for you. This free time can be put into engaging in meaningful activities whether it is spending time with your loved ones or creating a business you have always dreamed of.

It is true that maybe No Fap might only save you a few minutes a day. But you need to look at the bigger picture. You need to look at the long game.

Simply put, the time saved accumulates over time.

We are talking about breaking free from the pull of porn and other artificial sexual stimulation — for good.

The opposite of breaking free is being addicted. That’s when you are on the slippery slope where a few minutes, becomes an hour, which then becomes a few hours. The next thing you know, you start skipping meals just to get your fix.

Nip the issue in the bud before it gets worse and you will have saved yourself a lot of time.

2. Increased energy levels

Ejaculation, which is often done in tandem with watching porn, makes you lethargic. For one, the hormone prolactin released puts you into a state of sleepiness. When you are sleepy, it is hard for you to seize the day.

Prolactin aside, the ejaculate that you release is a product of complex chemical reactions. To some people, the ejaculate contains your life force. Given its powerful nature as a life giving force, it takes time for it to be cultivated and generated.

Even if you don’t subscribe to the idea of the life force, you just need to understand that the nutrient-dense liquid have to come from somewhere. And if it is released, your body needs to gather vital resources to replenish it.

This act of replenishment is an energy expenditure, and it is possibly a big one.

It is no surprise that those doing No Fap experience an increase in energy levels.

3. Brain rewiring

Porn is a supernormal stimulus alongside things like fast-food. It hits you with an enormous dopamine spike. It is very likely that your favourite hobby pales in comparison to watching porn.

Gradually, the porn which initially gave you the enormous dopamine spike no longer does so and you crave the next porn video that give you a sense of novelty. This chase for the next higher dopamine spike is what makes porn so addictive.

No Fap gives your brain a much needed reset, so that your baseline appreciation of those dopamine spikes are readjusted to normal. What happens is that you will then find beauty in life because you start to appreciate the little things.

If you like to read up on the addictive nature of porn addiction, check out our article on porn addiction books.

4. Eliminating erectile dysfunction (ED)

Performing poorly in bed due to porn-induced erectile dysfunction (PIED) is the last thing men want to experience with their significant other. While erectile dysfunction can sometimes be attributed to medical conditions, what you find most of the times these days is that it is a result of porn-use.

And what does porn got to do with erectile dysfunction?

As you probably already know, an erection mostly reflects a state of arousal. ED happens when men finds themselves insufficiently aroused by their partner despite how wonderful their partners are. Novelty from porn outweighs the beauty before their very eyes.

While novelty is one factor for ED, often it is also a result of mismatched expectations. The unrealistic portrayal of sexual intimacy in porn can distort men’s expectations in bed such that they unconsciously disengage during the act.

Abstaining from artificial sexual stimulation for extended period of time can help you regain the ability to appreciate the physical act itself and to rock the bedroom.

5. Improved sociability

Porn or other forms of artificial sexual stimulation gives you a false sense of connection to people. They paint a false sense of reality and how human interactions work.

While they might get their momentarily pleasure from the “intimate” connection from porn, they probably know deep down that it is not real. Thiscognitive dissonance leads to the degradation of their self-worth and can impair their social life.

Through No Fap, you can experience lesser social anxiety and becoming more sociable. Many have experienced the desire to have company around them a few days into No Fap. This led them to become more open to meeting new people and catching up with their friends in real-life.

Gradually, you will notice being more confident and less anxious in social situations because you are being real to yourself.

6. Ultimate journey of self-discovery

Quitting porn is one of the hardest thing because it is powerfully addictive.

When you are doing No Fap, you will be put into world of discomfort. Your body is not ready to accept the new slate of life. It has been so accustomed to the self-pleasuring activities you have habituated over the years that change becomes hard.

The struggle is guaranteed.

But as the saying goes, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. No Fap is the ultimate self-discovery journey. You learn about who you are and what makes you tick.

In life, you will be put into many uncomfortable situations that you don’t want to be in. The lessons you learn from your No Fap journey will give you confidence. That confidence will help you figure out a way no matter how hard life seems in that moment.


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