What happened to Resurgent and what about those challenges?

Infinity Challenge
Last Man standing Challenge
21 Day Challenge.



He asked for deletion of this account and his content. Feel free to recreate the challenges.

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I’m sorry to see him go, he was trying his best


He is still here by the name of @anon66785751
Atleast thats how I think

That’s just a dummy account to retain some of this posts. No one can login to it.

@Taher did he mention any reason before leaving?

I’ll miss his, “:mega: :mega: :mega: Yo ladies and gentlemen, I bring to you the greatest challenge of all time…”


Plz delete my profile.
I am permanently deleting this app.
This app doesnt work for me.
I must go back to real world.
This virtual world is not for me.
Have fun.

This is what he said.

How did it send me this ,
I am so glad that you gave me this oppurtunity.
Thank you Sir,
Prepare for your defeat.
The above mentioned was the saying of @annon

He must have sent this before it got anonymised

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Resurgent Was a Guy that believes in so many fairy Tales about no fap And semen retention, You can see It in my post “Sex And sperm, the truth” where our friend @neveragaintw writes arguments based on science And he keeped triyng to refute whit beliefs, maybe he Saw that the think is not quit like this And ended up getting disillusioned.


Haters gonna hate!


Maybe he thought that NoFab and No PMO was not for virtual activity. But for outside world. It differs for everyone. Like for me, I plan to be here every 2 days. Not everyday. Since the will must come from within you.

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He was kinda denial and addicted of spending most of his time on these forums - creating post/challenges etc. It’s good for him to leave, because one addiction shouldnt transform into another.


My belief is still strong & i have not given up on my journey of nofap.

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