What does orgasm mean?

Can anyone explain in detail about Orgasm

the physical and emotional sensation experienced at the peak of sexual excitation, usually resulting from stimulation of the sexual organ and usually accompanied in the male by ejaculation.

So in Conclusion, the feeling that you get when you start masturbating till the moment of ejaculation that’s why we say: Masturbation to reach Orgasm

P = Porn
M = Masturbation
O = Orgasm

It’s like a cycle: Watching Porn results for urges to edge - - - > Masturbating till - - - > reaching Orgasm


I was reading a story of a Nofapper who practice the nofap for some months but he told that when he was trying to do sex with his partner then he was unable to orgasm

what does it mean here?

It means semen didn’t come out of his penis even when he wanted to.
Don’t read such stupid stuff, no such thing would happen by practicing no fap.

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Dr. Stewart Brody collected research from many studies and found that while ejaculation is associated with positive health effects, not all types of ejaculations can be considered equal.

The researchers begin to distinguish between the practice of masturbation and vaginal intercourse, there were more consistent results between the different studies, and the researchers found that the frequent practice of masturbation does not have the same type of positive health effects that intercourse.

One off the side effects of Masturbation is not feeling Orgasm ( joy and fun till ejaculation) once beginning a sexual bond between two people.

(This was copied from the book that I wrote)

Allow me to explain what @Samaranjay ment, don’t take a step back, we all know very well about Masturbatino’s side effects, Nofap is the only thing that could gives us power, energy and freedom for a fantastic life.

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