What do you guys think?

Does no fap help in getting rid of unwanted PORN INDUCED sexual fantasies.?


This is one thing that I am facing as well it’s frustrating at times

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Yep. The longer you stay away from PMO and the better your thoughts get. ie., The fantasies won’t come. But you needed to keep long streak. 90 days , 150. Do remember you can’t peak in between these days. So get ready to go cold turkey hardmode.


Alright … thanks man .
I don’t know out of nowhere I’ve started finding interest in a very stupid fantasy porn . I know it’s not in me naturally bcoz earlier it did nothing for me, it’s actually porn induced. And I wanna get rid of it .
Anyways … thnx :muscle:


Yup it does! Iam on day 47 i guess and with god’s grace I can’t even remember when did i consciously fantasized. Dreams still come like maybe sometime. But its fading away. I don’t feel disgust while talking or looking at a girl now. But the most important thing of no fap is “Get a Life”! Yeah bro ! Get involved in your life , solving problems , facing them!
And it fades away slowly to the point where even if it comes, doesn’t affects you!


Man, I’m on day 58 and now I have control over my fantasies, they don’t last more than 3 seconds before I wipe them out, also they’re more infrequent than before.


I am on day 156…

If I come across those weird fantasies now, I still get pleasure from them, if I started involving in them, may be it will be like, my mind suddenly shifts and I get stuck in the loop of all of them. Longer I do it, longer I need to get out or harder it will be to stop…

But the good thing is I am not bound by them anymore. I mean I don’t need them. So I wont find myself stuck in that loop, I will avoid them at any cost, and avoiding them gets easy with time… So I would be happy with normal ways of pleasure if I had to do things in real someday.

So, I guess, I have the realistic approach, like I don’t want to be in that loop so I wont do it, and I dont want to do it, coz thats wrong and thats not me. Not that, I wouldn’t get pleasure from them, coz I will…

May be I move on totally from all of those someday. In any case, so far I am not bothered by them.

Did I answer your question?


Dude kindly edit the comment. Please refrain from mentioning the types of stuff you’re into. Lol we all are addicts the mind will trick people to check out what it doesn’t know. So please remove the stuff


Ok sorry man … I’ll keep that in mind … I’ll edit it

Yah you know … Due to that kind of porn, I look at women in relationship and be like "she must be cheating on her boyfriend " … I know I sound a little stupid and even I wanna get rid of it … Anyways … thnx for writing :slight_smile:


Yeah a little confusing but ultimately I got your essence :relaxed:… thnx man