What do you guys think of masturbation to imagination?

Is it a relapse? Or it depends on what were you fantisaying about?

I think, it won’t be a relapse, if one has been at least 4 months into it without masturbating and also if it is a rare event, just to have a healthy balance

In my opinion there’s nothing wrong with masturbation itself. Remember, that heavily depends on where you come from so my answer to that question might differ from yours.
But the problem i see doesn’t lie in masturbation, but in the images you are imagining. If you fantasize about something influenced by the stuff you want to escape, it might not be as bad as watching it for two hours, but it’s still a thing you might want to avoid. If you fantasize about your SO for example, I don’t see any problem in that. But always depends on the impact it has on you, on which day you are or rather in which state of mind and so on.
What do you think? How do you feel afterwards compared to Pmo?


I think ■■■■ is the worst. Once you have stopped watching that, I don’t think it matters too much if you jerk off. If that jerking off is preventing you from improving yourself and meeting women, then it is bad. Though oddly enough once I stopped watching ■■■■ I never have the urge to jerk off, while I did use to have the urge before I watched ■■■■. Maybe my brain is still rewiring, it’s only been 36 days :slight_smile:

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