What do you do when

After lets say 8 days I start to feel extreme urge. I want to ask You guys what you do when it happens, do you try to “kill” it inside or do you “let it be” but not fap? And how it is like after lets say 30 days? Is it transformed somehow, is it easier or even harder to sustain urges? I tried to "kill"it when it comes, but it resulted in increased stress and body pressure (that was 14th day)


Start Meditation in times of Urges and feel them. Find their Source. Once you see them clearly they will vanish.


What I typically try is to kill the urges until day 20 or so. In my case these feel different than the urges later on.
They rise faster and are harder to bear then the ones later on.
After about 30 days it started that I have a weak urge all day long. in this case I tried to analyze why I have the urge and try to live with it -> meditation really helps there.

(Doing meditation is good in general. Not only because of nofap :wink:)

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Don’t you feel stress or pressure when you try to kill that feeling? If not, how do you kill it, can you describe somehow?

I’m currently also back on day 5.
I know that the urges will occur every day between 17.00 and 21.00
I just know that during these times I mustn’t do anything on my laptop. I shouldn’t be in my room.
I try to do other things, push all these thoughts of porn away. Also, I set myself some small challenges. I mustn’t use my phone for more than 30min. -> no time for porn. Yesterday I briefly opened some pages. So, today I challenge me to not open a single site (since I know that I am prone to relapse the day after I glimpsed at porn stuff.)

I just try to power through the next few days. After that my thoughts are more rational and the cravings for porn are different (way easier to bear).

I personally know why I watch porn and on which traits I have to work to reduce the urges. but somehow I feel like the first 20 or so days are different. Don’t know if what I wrote makes sense to other readers :sweat_smile: It’s hard to write down these feelings

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I am above 30 days of NF so i can answer this question. In the begining, one week of NoFap, you will feel extreme urges.

After 30 days urges will diminish.

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Ooo Kkk, so in general relaxing and trying to move energy upwards seems to work better. Was wondering because killing it is easierto for me, those urges feel like i am sitting on a fucking fire rocket

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Let it be. Enjoy it. You may edge for 1-3 s but then STOP. My fatal mistake is that I let the urge control me and thus… BOOM… I ejaculated.

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