What do you do when you relapse

I relapse this morning (so much for a winning streak) but I didn’t feel guilty or anything just disappointed. But I’ve tried over the years to stop since I was in highh school but i always fall to my urges all the time. So I’m wondering if anyone has an ideas on how to jump back

Depends on your motivation. My motivation is to stop my PIED, so I look at my sad dick and think; “how can i please a woman if I can’t please myself”.

Do you feel like it’s an addiction? Then think; “if this was something like heroin, how would people think of me?”

What I’m saying, find the reason why then find your reason to quit.


Take example of me. Fapping has destroyed me mentaly and physicaly. I have no job no social life actualy not normal life.
Learn from my mistakes if you cant find a reason of your own to fight this blood sucking addiction.

It’s look like you are not serious about quiting this bad habit…Otherwise it won’t be problem for you

Actually there’s no reason to feel guilty, if you are the only one you harm with your addiction. And against @No_PMO , I have to say that just conviction won’t help you overcome an addiction. A bad habit, maybe, but this is something else. So don’t beat yourself up mentally because you relapsed. Press on.
In general, without knowing your background, I’d say if your urges are what bring you down even if you truly decided to leave PMO behind, you have to find actions you can take to prevent yourself from giving in. There are various threads on here giving some advice. But you have to find a way to deal with those urges other than PMOing.

See in nofap challenge you need not to think about how long you go with no relapse it’s all about not to relapse and I think many people find it hard because they are easily surrendering themselves to lust or urge. You are accepting this challenge and it’s the commitment. So you can’t simply sit and say ohh…It’s hard and I’m not enjoying my joystick any more. You have to take yourself to some upper level to keep yourself unbeaten to lust and urges. What one has to do is keep your hands away from your dick. That’s all. Keep things simple and straight. @amadeus

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See, this is where I disagree (but still, if it works for you that way, there’s nothing wroing with it in general! Keep that in mind :wink: ). I agree that in some situations, willpower might be the initial thing to keep you from PMOing right away, but as soon as you are in that position, I believe putting your willpower into doing something else is way more healthy and rewarding than do not PMO.
There is a reason why we think about ■■■■ immediatly when encountering an urge. We do it because we escape other problems, because we can’t deal with emotions or we simply never learned what else to do when horny. In all these cases, just not fapping won’t do the trick I think.
But then, might be that we are on the same page and just talking semantics :slight_smile:

Actually I am on my maiden streak and counting day 25. When I sence any urge I switch my thoughts. It works for me. Reboot is not only to recover physically but recovering mentally is an important process in doing this all. Porn really destroy the harmoney in relationship with females let it be friendship or lovers. Porn makes one to be hungree for sexual desire and nothing else. But thats not true side of love making and neither the motivation to get in relationship.
So finally what I want to sum up is, if you are willing to change your habits replace them with creative task and learn the art of self control.


I know that too. Relapsed last Thursday and struggled to find the motivation to restart. What I did is writing down my main goal why I do this (in my case it is my girlfriend) and put it somewhere where I always see it. And than brought my mind back into a fighting stance.

I agree with both no_pmo and Amadeus. It just depends what your goal is.

If you wanna go for a 90 days challenge and wanna try to quit pmo for this time not really worrying what happens after (which is a legit reason especially if you don’t have an addiction and your mainly up for the challenge and wanna see if there are benefits. Nothing against that) then brace yourself, power through every day with simple strategies and get really good at fighting urges.

If you wanna stop for ever than you have to change your mindset forever too or it won’t work (you still need to develop a strong fighting mind). What you have to change depends on what your problem is.

I guess this holds for many people with an addiction and could be the underlying problem of many people here in the forum. If you feel that this is not the case, find out why you are watching ■■■■ and figure out how you can change that. Keep this change and your goal in your mind (and at best, visible in your room where you typically relapse) as motivation.

Hope that helps ya


It’s been day 5 an hour ago. And I’m trying to bring a sinking ship to shore. So far I know I can keep going. My goal is 42 days. I picked 42 days cause of the 10000 hours to master anything. I’m gonna master this. I been tapping at a young age and it’s crippling and I came on here for support for something people don’t take seriously. I take everything with a grain of salt and find the good in bad. But this is a beast of burden and I gotta put it out of its misery

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