What do you do about pSubs?

I just wanted to know, around a week of NoFap, I get urges to use Psubs, potential trigger like risque memes and things.
MY brain says it’s not P and it’s ok.
How do you guys fight this?
No offense, but please, could only people who have gone through this tell me?
Anyone who has passed this could answer please, I am just asking certain people as I have seen them talk about it.
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My thinking was…
Ok this is soft porn… nothing will happen… I won’t MO
But this believe makes us fall into trap again. Those soft porn images/triggering things in memes don’t go away from mind.
They get linked to the past memories of videos that we watched.

Solution is only one. If you have faced this soft porn thing and eventually relapsed. Its better to stay away from them next time.
Find something that you can think of/ see/ visualise to fight the triggers when such things come unintentionally.

These things get imprinted in mind if we don’t substitute them with something else. Then more we think of them. The more they press our brain.

Find that substitute.

Have you watched the movie inception? If yes. Find yourself a “totem” which will remind you of your real self and your decision to quit PMO.


Bro @Ash_Matt rewiring of your brain takes time to win over the years of addiction . Your brain try these Psubs as survival things and probably it want Psubs from you indirectly.
So your brain tries to transfer signals to your conscious mind that these subs are not P and that’s Ok to watch it and you are again in the loop hole . Your brain tries to get dopamine from it and however in the end you might relapse .
So years of addiction takes time to be healed and as what I did is completely avoid things even if it Psubs or not . I try to make my whole day productive , try learning new things .currently I learn cooking .
So as @strongwillpower says

try to find substitute for that …don’t enter to loop hole again . Your mind just tricks you . It think that it is smarter than your will power . Show it that it is not . You can control your mind and eradicate this addiction compeletly from your life . Find purpose in your life and work hard to achieve it .
It is hard but not Impossible .


Thank you @strongwillpower @Aman1
What other things do you di when faced with this?
I agree, this will lead to relapse @strongwillpower
@Aman1 yes I try to be productive, but this temptation occurs when I have too much free time, so guys, what do you do when faced with this?
Meditate? Watch a good movie?


As far as I look back into my life, I was always addicted to Psubs. I don’t like P or nudity that much. Instead I’m addicted to Psubs and I can assure you that life is not promising at all. Instead of heroin, if you are addicted to cocaine, you still fall into the category of drug addict.

  1. If im alone(without phone) and idea of Psubs strikes me :- i change the place. Sit with someone. Sit in the open space. Look out of the window.

  2. If i have phone with me and im alone and idea of psubs strikes :- i switch off and restart my phone. I get to the forum. I go for songs.

Whatever the condition is, just get away from the digital things which gives you free access to P world.

And thanks for this thread. Because of this i got the idea of Totem. I’m definitely finding a Totem for myself.

Watch the movie Inception. It has zero sex scenes. Only 1 second of kiss scene. And 3 hours of absolute suspense. You can get the idea of Totem there only. It can’t be explained because it is related to the movie.

Im finding a totem and posting its picture in my Diary soon.

Also watch this 17 mins video below :point_down:


Brother… to take it seriously… and to tell my brain that it is also dangerous…I RESET MY COUNTER HERE.

But it only works if you really hate to see your counter at 0.

Also if this thing happens again and again…then change your method…becoz resetting your counter again and again…also may make you comfortble with that… and you may end with losing motivation from counter thing

Second solution what I use…is to ANALYSIS… just think about that moment…when these Psubs lead you to PMO… write them… write how had your mind cnvenced you to watch Psubs but then at th end you relapsed.

this help me to get serious about such things


Thank you brothers
@neo_150 thanks for your advice. If I see pSubs, I will reset my counter __ and this post is my witness__
@strongwillpower Thank you. I will follow it. For me, I have situation 1 mostly, so I will go to a better spot.
@anon98741803 yes even I have the same problem, I only see racy stuff on YT…but yes, I will take it seriously.
Thank you @neo_150 @strongwillpower This totem idea seems to be good, thought I haven’t watched inception.


You need to be able to restrain yourself when faced by triggers.
If you get triggered do something to avoid continuing into real p and then mo.
The best is to shut down your phone / computer screen (or shut them down completely) if you feel triggered by something and then walk out of your room into an open space (like the living room where your parents / roomate can see you).
From my experience the moment you get exposed to porn (not soft porn / triggers like memes etc but real porn) you’ve lost because you’ll fall into chaser effect and will always want to see more everytime.
So the best thing to avoid psubs and triggers is to do something else in the first place (like reading / an hobby etc) and if you fall into the psub the best you can do is to develop a behavior to get away from this psub to avoid going further into p and mo.


The movie is about dreams… and the actors in it travel in dreams(subconscious state) . They sometimes travel so much that at certain times they dont know if they are living in the real life or in the dream. To check this out. They have this totem. One totem is meant for only that person.

Totem is any kind of small object (eg dice, chess board piece, a spin top etc. These three are shown in the movie. That’s why putting in here) they should be such a way that the person using it know the minor details or specialities of it. The spin top spins for a certain minute and then it falls, but in dreams, it never falls. This will go more into the movie. I will tell the use of totem now. So it helps to know their reality. That dreams are awesome. Everyone wants to live in their. But that’s not possible because there is no one else other than the person involved.

How can we use totem in NoFap

What we do in NoFap, is that we make promises, commitments, we find our why’s to quit PMO.
But when the urge hits… do we all remember all those things that time? 99% of us not.

So we can save all these promises and why’s with this little object. That whenever we get urge. We can see it and remember what our real world is… it is free from fantasies…urges…(dreams).

When we get urges, our brain is full with dopamine and it thinks nothing else than PMO. Thats why we can’t remember about our promises and commitments and our why’s.

Over eyes are the input system to the brain here. Whenever we are hit by an urge. We can just pull out the totem from the pocket/table drawer. We can see this object and let all this sink in the brain and control the urge.

So what do u say? Isn’t it a good idea?


Anything that contains sexual content is prohibited to us: songs, texts, memes, images.
Brother You must guard your eyes to get rid of P and M , and this rule is forever , when the time pass you become stronger and stronger in guarding your eyes

The next time the urges of P come answer to P like this image :


Answer is within your question.

Brain wants to get that high … it is playing its tricks.
Its good that you acknowledged it.

Whatever leads you back to pmo. Leave it.


Thank you @CarnetDeBordMore
Yep, it’s a slippery slope, and the best way to stay right is not to go near the slope at all…I 100% agree with you


Thank you @strongwillpower that’s a beautiful idea, because it combats what PMO tries to provide- not dopamine actually. Dopamine is a side effect, but what people actually seek in PMO is escapism. I will use a paper I always keep in my pocket as a totem. It has 8 reasons why I do NoFap. I alawys carry it in my pocket, no matter where. Also I will get some other objects as a totem. Thank you for so clearly explaining it.
I don’t watch that many movies or stuff becuase that is also a form of escapism. I’ll try to watch the movie when I can, however, becuase you and @neo_150 recommend it…just that it sounds like the movie seems to be about lucid dreaming or something, which I have never tried and never want to try either.


Thanks @EduardoIsraeli
Personally, I really like that first meme XD it’s too good


@Sahas I never thought from this angle- that my own brain is trying to fool me. I will work on this however, now that I know it.
Thank you for showing this new concept.


Good brother.
I will tell you about my Totem in my diary very soon.

And about that movie “Inception” you can never imagine of how it’s story will be. Its completely unique and a masterpiece. Directed by Christopher Nolan who is the best.


Bro @anon67854825 you were one of the first people to help me in this amazing forum…What do you think?


Thank you guys!
Got an urge today for pSubs, but I remembered all you guys said on this thread.

  1. Went to a good spot
  2. Used my totem
  3. Called a friend
    Urge has gone :muscle: and I’m happy