What do I do when I feel an uncontrollable urge


How do we make action plans for when we feel an urge?
What kinds of steps do you take?

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You cause physical pain to yourself for example : hit the sides of your hands together multiple times until thoughts will disappear :wink:
Brain cant handle pain and thoughts together


Learn how to mediate that is the best advice that l can give u


When you are hit by an insurmountable urge… It’s better not to fight it head-on… because it’s very tough. Better to avoid it by leaving that room instantly. Go get some fresh air. Also, find out what suits for you better. The beast named URGE can be easily tamed if you don’t try to fight it straight on.


Pray to God in mind. “O my Lord, I am dependent on You alone. I cannot fight on my own. Only You can save me. I cannot be saved otherwise. Please protect me. I am taking Your shelter. Please save Your child.” Try it next time. :v:


When I was in the initial stages of my journey and had serious problems with control of urges (this is up till around 6 months back), I used to just repeatedly spray water on to my nether regions from a spray bottle that I kept besides my bed and had ordered specially for this purpose :joy: Desperate measures I know but it worked haha! I don’t need that anymore though :slight_smile:


Uncontrollable Urge : No matter what you do… only option is relapse.
How did the Urge go uncontrollable ?

There is a process in which urge is build up. Without knowing you start to feed your addiction with soft erotica. Then you took next step… you start edging. Then you realize the mind has again tricked you. You feel traped… no escape…
Again your mind manages to persuade you into more hardcore erotica… now you are totaly down & submitted. At this point… even though you want not to masturbate but there is a chaos in your head… you cant help it. You feel desperate. Mind shows no mercy he is laughing… haahahaaa… you can not hold any longer… the urge has reached to its final stage… there is no going back…
You have to reach orgasm now to release that urge.

So, the question is How to overcome an URGE ?
Ans. Dont let the cat build into a monster. Stop feeding the little cat (urge).
And if one day your cat has become a lion (urge) & starts to trouble you. FACE THE LION

The lion is in your head consisting of feelings & thoughts. If you can see your thoughts & feelings in your head… you can face them.
Look the lion into his eyes.



The best way is to go to a place where there are people. From there you can now make good decisions on the way forward. Meditate on the word of God and He will direct your path. Also exercises to release the energy because for you to have urges that means you have enough unused energy in your body, but that energy should be used to build your life and not to destroy it.
Have a blessed day.


Thank you:) I’m not so sure that’s the way for me but you do what helps! But please don’t hurt yourself. Two wrongs don’t make a right.


It’s good advice. What about you? Does that help?


That works for me too. Good call! Thanks. Have you had this type of urge just when you’re falling asleep and have nowhere to go?


Amen! This is great, thank you! I learnt that you can also speak out the word of God so that you are fortified:
“I resist the devil and he will flee”
“For God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and a strong mind
“I take every thought captive to submission and obedience to God”
And there is much much more


What did this do? I don’t get it.


Invaluable advice! Thank you for sharing. That’s the key to this whole situation: to take the thought captive. Before it runs wild in your imagination. And turns into an argument with yourself where you’re trying to justify it. And then it grows into a stronghold. I did share a similar idea in another post called 'taking the thought captive ‘why’. Don’t think I can link that here.
But I do believe that an urge feels uncontrollable even at its initial stages for some. That’s when will power needs to be strengthened. That being said, it’s possible to resist even when it’s really tough. The battle is in your mind and you are much stronger than you think. It takes practice but it’s doable.

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I advice you to watch this talk https://youtu.be/tTb3d5cjSFI
I have been trying to stop PMO since 2 years and failed every time, i was relapsing constantly untill i watched this ted talk and applied the technique in the video everytime i feel an urge and now I am on 32 days streak.
I am also using an app called My kaspersky parental control in which u can make a profile to block adult content on ur phone.
Try to follow some people who r at 100+ days and arrange them in a descending order so u can see them everytime u open your companion list this will motivate you.

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Of course that helped me a lot. That even changed my life(l am still young but it helped me a lot) There are a lot of benefits. l will tell you important ones

  1. You will understand a lot of about human and your own mentality
  2. You will act differently that u are used to. I mean that you will be calm the most of the time.
    3.You will be able to control yourself. And your urges too.
    4.You will be happy and young
    5.Your brain will develop
    It helped me a lot of the time. It is little bit hard for me because l am at hard mode(no gf no sex for me) and this year is my first time in collage. And there are a lot of attractive girls around there. And l was able to control myself. And second advice become a book worm like me. Just read 20 pages a day. After that increase it up to 50 or 100 pages a day. Doing both of them you will be able to control your urges and become confident and you brain will function lot more better

Simply accept it. The urges are and will be a part of you.
Today I have crazy urges too but I know that it will be easier eventually.
Be patient.


@Natalia I agree with TheAscendedOne on this. Fighting the urges is a losing battle. You have to accept it.

GOD has given us all freedom of will, and He has promised that with every temptation He has made a way out of it. We have that power ourselves to overcome it because He has already blessed us with it.

Here is my strategy which I posted in the message board a few days ago. I pray it helps you in your journey.


@Natalia , I agree that fighting face to face is an lost war… Sometimes we can win some battles, but our willpower is limited and it depletes as we rely on it. Not that willpower is not very useful, but simply it won’t last long, and, we know, urges normally will.

What most successful ppl do, is to learn how to understand and drive your subconscious, and that’s what mediation is about