What counts as relapse?

Need some help guys… A while a ago i was at the verge of sexting(very close to the edge),but i abstained. I was some what hard i don’t know if that counts as relapse or was i edging??? Don’t know for sure.
What is edgging should i reset??

it depends on who you ask. i personally would be proud since i almost did something bad but i was able to say no. even if it was kind of late.

but the best way is always to listen to yourself. do you feel like you betrayed yourself? or do you feel bad because you did it?
if yes, than it should be a relapse. if not really than not


I’ll mix some conversations here, lol

@anon66785751, that is my mindset when I define “orgasm after masturbation” as my criterion to reset the counter. I’m totally refraining from ■■■■ and from masturbation (as a “symbolic goal”, because I’m actually trying to get my mind cleaner, in a broader sense). But sometimes we may slip a bit off the road, find ourselves searching for some images, but still on time to recover control and turn back. There’s merit in not surrendering. I have a margin to turn the tables, but “orgasm” is the game over.

Although, I understand some people may find necessary to go the hard mode.


I definitely agree! I used to reset my counter each time I slipped off by watching some pictures and turned back. But this became very ineffective : each time I slipped off, i ended up masturbating later that day because i considered that my streak wasn’t clean so that i’d better give in and start again.

So now, if I just peak a little for a few seconds and don’t touch myself, i don’t reset my counter.

Edging, on the other hand, is definitely a relapse. I do this nofap challenge to recover from dead grip and edging definitely prevents me from healing…


After reading all your opinion and i don’t consider that my streak is broken.
I haven’t watched porn, didn’t masturbate either
This was just my urges testing me
I passed!!!
Onward to day 17 in HARD MODE
Thank you all


@EnderW, you put a great insight here. That’s real. When you stumble, you’re still able to have a quick reflex and stabilize yourself. Sometimes you’ll manage to do it, sometimes you will fall.

But if you assume that stumbling is already to be fallen, there’s nothing left to save. You probably won’t stop until hitting the ground. That’s not my favorite strategy.

Which not means we’re gonna edge like no tomorrow, of course. We’d be fooling ourselves.


I consider watching porn and masturbating to porn to be a failure. Masturbating without porn is also a failure to me. The goal is to move away from self-pleasure because it is a dependence on self-pleasure which has brought most of us here. We look at pictures and videos of people instead of being with real people. Sex with a real person is not a failure in my view unless you are doing a no pmo challenge. Sex with real actual people is a normal part of life. Even masturbation can be but for most of us we have taken it to an extreme becauae of porn so a “detox” from it is required.

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For me edging is a stumble and recovery, not a fall. Sure edging is a no-no. But you did something which took even more fortitude which is to not go all the way. So for that I don’t think it should be treated as a failure. But it is to be avoided because it is overall detrimental to our goal.

In terms of my feeling. I used to feel that wet dreams was a relapse. But I use my mind and faith to correct my feeling. As a Christian I theologically do not believe God holds one accountable for that which is outside his control. And thus suppressed that gutteral feeling. Keep going bro! You are doing well.


@arsenal_rules1, I totally agree with you (including on the wet dreams). That’s my approach to the thing.

Well I must say that I totally agree with you.
Still, I think it depends on how is your approach to whatever you’re fighting. For instance, I came here fighting M, but realized that P was the real trouble, so now I’m resetting every time I watch P because that’s my priority now. (and of course it also includes M)

Edging and looking at hot pics and videos.

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