What are your new year resolutions

mention your new year dreams ,
hope so next year would not be like the previous ones.
its the start of new decade for me .

i dont wanna spend rest of my life like before .
forgive yourself about the past
i dont wanna spend my next life in thinking about this time.
i dont wanna spend my next life in regrets
i dont wanna spend mt next life in pmo
i dont wanna spend my next life in fear
i dont wanna spend my next life in struggling with addictions
… … … … …
i know i failed in all previous new year resolutions
but thats not happen always.
im starting from tomorrow 31 dec .
31 dec is the end of the year and the start of dawn of pmo.
all of us suffered alot from this addictions.
but we were not like this ever before .
we were born innocent ,spirtual,glorious.
we just ve to find out our beautiful past before pmo inside our soul .
going back is absolutely possible .
& we promise that we ll not promote adult industry furthur ,as you know one click gives money to industry ,& that money is used on innocent people to destroy their soul .
lust is temporay but happiness is permanent.
& regret also lasts long.
when the soul is demolished then we cant get happiness .& at that time having alot of money ,good job doesnt matter .
we ll come out of this and move on .
we ll defeat the evil

mention your thoughts also


My resolution is to stay strong at no-PMO. And also:

  • read 15 pages a day
  • get a driver’s license
  • move out and live alone
  • study all 365 days of the year
  • work out twice a week
  • cardio twice a week
  • floss everyday
  • and more

My new year resolutions :

  • Clean my room more often
  • More effort in understanding the Bible and theology (I do have some knowledge of it, but pretty limited I want to know more)
  • Be more thoughtful of the things I do, enjoying the present moment
  • Stopping overthinking of the future, death etc
  • Continue my streak to infinity, I just don’t want to go back to a foggy marsh in both body and mind
  • Be more organised
  • Dive deep down into meditation and adjust my diet to a paleo-like one.

My ultimate wish would be to experience tranquilness and happiness for real. A wish that can only be realized if I continue to fully commit to my streak.


My new year resolution is to become stronger in my nofap journey, study with more efficiency(hopefully I can crack the competitive exams) , get rid off stage fear, most importantly become more spiritual, and become as pure as I was before puberty.


Mine is slightly short. Generally,

  1. Stop being slaves to PMO. At least, reduce them.
  2. Become more confidence in my social skills.
  3. Control my anger
  4. Be healthier.
  5. Finished my PhD thesis and ready for Viva voce.

New Year resolutions

  1. Get at least a 200 day no PMO streak. With God’s help, I am overcoming this and lust. Now even provocative ads etc. cannot distract me.
  2. Study hard, ace my exams, and with God’s help, enter a great college.
  3. Complete the two books I’m writing
  4. Complete my final piano grade exams
  5. Learn La Campanella or Etude by Paganinni/ Lizst
  6. Catch up on basketball practice
  7. Write at least 7 article for a site

Maybe after 2021 if God wills I can come back to this post and compare it to what I achieved :sweat_smile: