What are your life goals?

What are they? How should I set mine? Whatcha got? Lemme see.

Hey bro,
I’m looking for an answer myself

Partial answer, mfy current goal to build up and form my own personality and thoughts and beliefs,

I want to be independent, (financially is the last thing), but independent mentally, have my opinions, my beliefs, not something I’m following or doing because my family told me so when I was a child.

It’s pretty hard thing to do, since everyone trying to force their opinions on me all the time.

So my current goal is, independence

I want to become a great theoretical physicist…and get phd in it…8 wanna become a proffesor in a famous university and gain fame throughout the world…

Plus,ive set the goal for this year to win the girl i love and become a young scientist and a child prodigy.


Plus i want to live the life of my dreams and i do not want to die living this fcki ng life…NEVER :disappointed: :sweat:


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