What are the things that will void the streak?



Personally on Day 4 I had a little sexual action with a female, didn’t had sex but just makeout kinda thing you know, and I prematurely ejaculated.

Does that count as a relapse? Since I didn’t ejaculate masturbating and watching porn.
And i’d like to know what else voids the streak.


for me, as long as i enjoy my life and act deliberately out of my free will it is not a relapse.
if i have sex because of the healty environment it is not a relapse but if i do it because i feel the need to do it then it is one

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Depends upon you, if you think it is a relapse then it is, else it isn’t. Some of people here see wet dreams as a relapse too. Likewise, edging can also be seen as a relapse by some (including me as I relapsed the last time I edged, so will stay away from it.)

I would suggest you to stop trying to find a loophole and focus more on personal growth. All this is how our brain try to trick us, and all these loopholes end just with a relapse. Stay true to the course.


As my predecessors said, you have to define for yourself what you count as a relapse. It’s not something general as it depends on your own goals. Maybe ask yourself what it is you want to achieve. Does watching porn work against these goals? If yes, count it as a relapse. Does masturbating in general? Count it as well. Did your encounter with that girl? You got your answer.
But remember that a “relapse” in the end is just a word for a rule we make up ourselves to keep us motivated, so instead of focussing too much on what a relapse is and what’s not, try to find out whats good for you and what isn’t. Then work towards the first, and step away from the latter


This was more like a random encounter. I personally won’t count it as an attempt to keep my urges down or something related.