What are p*rn substitutes?

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I don’t understand your question, are you looking for a literal substitute? Then drugs would be your best bet, and you know how bad drugs are. If you’re asking what to do instead of watching porn, then pick up hobbies, read books, excercise, meditation, there’s so much to do.


Porn substitutes are photos of hot girls. An erotic movie or a video. Sextings or sex chating. Reading erotica( basically porn in written form).

Porn substitutes or P-subs are those things which we use to feed our demon in substitute of porn.


Exorcise as much as you can and stay healthy by eating vegetables and fruits and stay away from sugar.


I think they’re racy photos or gifs of people…thts all I know…
Its basically what is p, but your brain doesn’t want you to think it is, so that it gets dopamine from seeing it.