What actions/changes made you guys go from constant relapsing to huge streaks?

Just posting to spark some discussion on what changes you guys have personally made, whether it be mindset or lifestyle changes, that saw your streaks go from a few days to well beyond 30 days.

I started my journey in August 2018. The biggest streak I’ve achieved is 15 days. On average, my streaks are 3 days


Am also in your situation…

Started the journey long before… But didn’t make a long streak yet…

@MrLem creating a plan was crucial for me. That helped me raise my awareness for weak links, triggers and also how to anticipate them. The plan also gets better over time.

Check @Forerunner 's plan he posted in his diary:

Edit: I’d also recommend https://recoveredman.com/thisyear where you can get a lot of information for free. Matt is great in helping others create a recovery plan.


It’s always the same story for me. I get confident on what is personally a long streak for me. I start to seek some sort of content to consume. Something mild on YouTube for example. I fantasize etc. And then it snowballs into a relapse over the span of a day or two.

All while I know the consequences of my actions. It’s pretty much the behavioral patterns of any addict really

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