What about instant gratifications ? What shall we quit too?

So … I am a master student … PMO addiction has decreased my ability to set and study dramatically :pensive: … i used to set long long hours to study when i was in my teens and early 20s​:muscle: …before this addiction … now i am 29 and for the last 2 years ( studying my masters) , setting to study was a very very big thing to accomplish … !!

So … thing is i am a semi-pro athlete … i find no challenge to workout at all or run …because i feel the instant reward or bec workout sessions is like 90 min max.

But setting to srudy …OMG …i can barely set like 20 min and then i get distracted or i interrupt it
Because, unlike work where u get paid hourly or workingout where u do it for 1 h or so, study requires much more continues work and reward comes like after a semester ends where is like 6 month

So idk …idk if there is a solution …??

I mean ok …it comes days where i quit porn for like 20 days …but i used to watch movies, youtube, go out with friends…etc

I thought ok …when u quit porn u will gain some ,idk how to call it maybe “mood” to study

But nah … even after 10 days or so of quitting i am not in the mood to study

So idk?

I am quitting facebook and instagram for 1 year btw

Shall i quit utube and everything and even going out and just force myself to study ?


Any help or anyone with similiar experience ?

I feel my reward cycle is so dead …


Hey brother
Look if these things like instagram, you tube, Facebook leads you to a situation where you find himself relapsing again and again.
Then you must quit these things.

Don’t end your real world social life, though try to limit it.
N one thing is that you can do study for 20 mint then take 5 minute break, ( in these 5 minute break do meditation for just 2-3 minutes, drink little amount of water and most not go to access social mefia sites) then again do 20 minute study… So that increase your time slowly.

Hope this will help you.


Well … i think u kinda gave me a new prespective to look at my 20 min max duration of study

So instead of looking to it with shame …NO …it is okay …20 min is good …take 5 min break and then do another 20 min …like use it as my study building unit

Thanks bro ! … i ll try this next time i am studying

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Hope this will work for you.


Hey @ALi49

This is an interesting topic and it differs a lot from person to person. Maybe sharing my experiences helps you a bit…

For me, instant gratification creates a sense of shame, just like porn. So when I PMO, I feel like a terrible person, “Oh, I never keep my word”, “I’ve failed myself again” etc. and although I do not beat myself up over relapses, I know it’s not the person I want to be. So no PMO. In that sense, it’s the same with youtube, instagram etc… I might say “I’m going to watch just one youtube video” and then waste hours on that website. Afterwards, I feel out of control, I feel like I’ve betrayed myself, I feel like a failure for falling into that trap again. Hence, I keep youtube blocked just like porn.

I guess the bottom line is: if consuming something makes you feel out of control, feel shame, feel bad overall… then don’t do it. It can be related to food or things on the internet.

Take care.


It helps a lot

I am trying to figure out like what is the best to get me focused while studying again

So these are just my doubts

And answers like yours helps me … is like brain-storming with people here

I have a fit body but i even consider quitting sugar … i am trying to figure out whatever would help me …

Thanks again