What about «healthy» masturbation?


Hi everyone,
Recently I have discovered thanks to the whatsapp group fapstronauts an awesome book called «No more Mr. Nice Guy!». It really astonished me that it described me and my daily problems so well. I feel like it is a key to improve my life and very important. To summarize, it generally tells that you should take food care of yourself. The book then says that it is good to do «healthy» masturbation : it tells that healthy masturbation is all about pleasuring yourself without fantasizing or thinking about sex. It’s all about giving pleasure to yourself and discovering what feels good to you.
When I read this part, I was really confused, because on one hand, NoFap has brought so much to me, but on the other hand, this book really seems to show the good way to improve my life. Also I am afraid that after such an addiction (I am only at day 27 and been doing NoFap for six months, before I uses ro masturbate on hardcore porn more than twice a day), I will not be able to masturbate in a healthy, controlled way. I am also scared that even healthy masturbation will take all the benefits of NoFap away from me.
So what do you think? Should I stop NoFap? If yes, should I stop now or after a long time? Would it be a gain or a loss for my self-esteem? What would be better for my life in general?
Thank you so much for your answers guys.

PS: Just in case you are interested, the book is «No more Mr. Nice Guy», from Robert Glover. I strongly recommend it to all of you, just take a look at it, it won’t hurt and it can change your life all for the better.


You must have heard about wine having digestion benefits. That actually true, but it is not a good advice to be given to an alcoholic. Same here, masturbation done after a LONG time, might be healthy, but not a good advice for us addicts. Maybe after like 5years of nofap, once in a long interval can be an option


Perfectly put. For us, addicts there is no such thing as healthy masturbation…


I suggest don’t quit. NoFap effects r more far reaching than fulfilling desires. It brings discipline & consistency in life. Moreover, think in term of bringing balance to life by getting social, caring for loved ones & healthy routine.


I had a 4 year streak. Rarely did I M but had plenty of healthy sex. I did very rarely m but not with anything other than the mind.

Personally I think if you’re reading the book then try what it says. Otherwise why read it?
Not one thing works for everyone. For me I needed a partner I cared about and the rest was easy.


Is it worth the risk trying so called healthy masturbation when your no fap success streak is at stake?


It all comes down to willpower. I quit fap and masterbation but I have a partner. To say you’ll never ejaculate is a really tough
Remember, most people who give advice on here, relapse and haven’t yet lived by the advice they give.
Masterbation to your mind is better than porn. Whatever you do just try quit the porn.


@pierretomas18 I think if you have porn under control you can try masturbation without fantasies. Many things in moderation are healthy.

If you are doing hard mode nofap, there is no such thing as healthy masturbation.

I’m trying to avoid all porn and masturbation but if I give in sometimes it’s with no porn. I’m doing easy mode, but that’s just me.


Your mind TRICS have begun i can see that.

Never Believe a Book; learn from your awareness & personal experiences

I want you to first do a 90 day Reboot on hard mode & then try healthy masturbation.

Find the truth yourself, dont follow me or any book just do this experiment.

I am saying 90 days because by this time your awareness will rise to the point where you can clearly see your masturbation mechanism.


I would suggest you to read “The secret of eternal youth”.I believe that sex and masturbation is unhealthy for man.Semen has many vital ingredients that when preserved it is recycled and strengthening mind and body.
I am not trying to say sex and masturbation is evil but it drains the man.


Thank you so much @Resurrection what you are saying makes sense to me. Now I know I will at least go for the 90 days hard mode, after that we will see


There’s no such thing called “Healthy Mastrubation”. It’s just an excuse.


I’ve tried it by myself like a hundred times…
Like “if I my, without P, once a week, my urges will be weaker”. Indeed, they got weaker. But, this process keeps my mind link of orgasming and fapping alive, so I’m never free of what porn did to my life.

But that’s my case, I’m on no fap because it destroyed many relashionships I had in the past and almost destroyed my marriage, because I just can’t be as horny about real sex as I am with PMO.
Trust your awareness, but for me and I think most of ppl here, healthy M is a trap ready to be activated.


Trust me, isnt healty.


The battle starts in our mind, and is won in our actions.


I felt like sharing this after reading this!
It has been a while now, at some point I was very much a daily masturbator but then it turned to once a week, once a month and as I grew up, I could not afford to waste more time on it.

After a huge streak I would throw some real thick and slimy semen of best quality! The next day I would feel energetic and like Thor ready to fuck a woman, this was the time when I never saw masturbation as an addiction but just a fun activity may be once a year!

I dont have a girlfriend, I have gone mgtow and I am happy all alone. I dont like porn as it is all fake and funny.

Today masturbation for me is just like drinking a glass of whiskey after a decade.
May be thats because I accidently trained my brain that I dont want to reproduce daily.

I have a very healthy life, PMO addiction was a real problem for me but as life went by things automatically changed. How great woman are hard to find and how shit bitches are an illusion is what I learnt over time.

In porn you may just get what you want at a click but in real life its nearly impossible to find this.

My awareness, cognitive skills, common sense and presense of mind strengthened over time with nofap. I just accepted Masturbation as a part of life. Removed porn and learnt to live like a normal human. Nofap has been my real companion I love you guys for all this beautiful posts. I use apps just track my streaks for fun and read your struggles.

The day you get the grip over it you wont feel it is the enemy but you will be the master of your own mind.

There is no such thing as healthy or unhealthy all of it is relative!

The books are not written by god, they just want your money to be rich! Dont blindly trust such things, experience them yourself and learn



Anyone who says masturbation is healthy is a liar. There is no such thing as “healthy” masturbation. I learned something from my father in law. He said there once was a man looking for a good truck driver to carry goods on a small road high up in the mountain. He interviewed three men. The first said it is okay to get several feet from the edge of the cliff. The next man said it is okay to drive inches from the edge. The last man said “why even get close? It’s safest to stay far away from the edge.” My brother it’s the same with masturbation. There is no masturbation without leading to trouble. Remember that. Never go back to masturbation even if the world says otherwise.