Weird/desired dreams

I’m on day 77 and getting weird dreams, sometimes about my childhood desires, i used to like a girl so much so now she is coming in my dreams more often and sometimes getting fearful dreams, anyone else have something to share about what they noticed about their dreams?

Hey there.

I kinda want to say to ignore your dreams, since it is the brain’s way to trick you into fapping.

I also and believe most experience a sex dream or dream about some porn in the past or as mentioned desires for sex or desires in general.

With desire dreams it is kinda hard to say ignore your dream or maybe talk about it and learn what you want from it as sometimes dreams is a way you mind uses to get your attention in showing it’s unhappiness or unresolved problems or fantasies.

So to talk about it sometimes like you mentioned a desire after this girl might tell you that you desire a relationship and you kinda shift it aside and tell people that ain’t the situation, but deep inside you might feel this way a bit lonely.

But as mentioned it could also like I started out be a way for you to be tricked into fapping.

Dreams are funny things to talk about. Sometimes confusing and have s many diffrent meanings and views from a lot of different perspectives and factors.

Not really an expert in this department. Just have read about some dreams and why they happend.

But should you feel the need for a relationship try to get yourself involved in one and maybe your dreams might stop. It may continue in a sexual way as your body hungers for sex now.

But don’t worry these sexual dreams will become less frequent or even disappear the higher your Nofap streak goes !

Good luck and stay strong and awesome!

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Thanks brother for the help. I just feel that my subconscious wants to tell me something from that girl dreams, because she was my crush and whenever i used to miss her and feel sad. I used to fap, drink and smoke. Now, I’ve quit everything so might be my subconscious wants to tell about that unresolved issue, suppress emotions, any guidance on how to fix that unresolved issue?

Well wow thanks for some extra detail.

Well, yeah since you quit well drinking, smoking and fapping and aren’t in a relationship this means your body lacks happiness.

Don’t understand me wrong and go back smoke etc. No, see with all these habits and having things to do it was happy and it was normal to maybe drink, smoke or fap daily. Now it hasn’t any so it is abnormal and it could mean your body wants to find something new to be entertained in a sense to stop fighting the urges and stress it is enduring and also this is a good sign as it wants to be normal in this new way of life.

As for the girl specifically, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to go into a relationship . Don’t have to force one though maybe start dating girls or have some flirting time. It’s all you need.

It is risky as these stuff is arousing, but it may be need of your body to feel attractive towards girls too. Since you also practically cut girls out of your life. (Which is good if you cut them out in nudes and porn) also not to make them your playthings just for sex.

This is were you have to decide on going on a relationship and also avoid nudes and specifically to much alone time or touching her or you until you feel you can handle the urges. Not only just to have sex with her, but an intimate relationship. So basically dating, no sex or hand jobs or blow jobs. Just casual kissing and maybe a good french kiss session and that’s as far as the physical intamicy goes.

Remember no relationship is required as you may also feel unattractive since you don’t really wanna notice girls and don’t give them or yourself attention in this line.

So this is a matter of how sexy you find yourself. So working out, or having a new style in clothes or hair is a thing you need to make you feel good. You’ll feel good as you dress good or look good for yourself in the nude.(please not in public :joy:)

You’ll feel comfortable too if you notice that girls check you out in your new style, body and you’ll like the attention and also boost your confidence a lot. Not just for the girls, but yourself if you feel and look good no need for girls, but yourself and your confidence will increase to and this might also resolve your problem as maybe you are in a need for love.

A thing you can practice if your going to shower or bathe or in your room. Flex in the nude. This sounds wrong, but if you show of yourself for yourself you might feel more comfortable and won’t be bothered in feeling unattractive. If this feels arousing flex in your briefs or underwear will help to, but in private as you’ll avoid feeling uncomfortable from any on lookers or comments that they make. This has to be a positive and personal moment and with no uncomfortably or interruptions either. Because you wanna build a good feeling towards your body and this is the best way. ( Note it might be hard in the nude as it might be arousing should you get a boner in this process of flexing and since you are alone don’t think in doing it.) Just worth a mention and briefs or underwear might work should you feel the need to flex a bit longer.

The time for this is up to you. If you thoroughly check yourself out do it. If only quick like upper body and done it’s fine. A 2 min session I think is a fair amount of time to do it. Just don’t give your member alot of attention and focus on your body.

If your working out this can be a major motivation as you’ll notice your own progress not like the guys you may see on Youtube or insta having an “ego flex photo or video” and soon they’ll not even compare to how hot your body is looking for yourself and you’ll notice the changes of your body and know that working out either at home via an app or youtube or at the gym pays off.

Not only that but in the mornings when you brush your teeth. Just after you rinse your mouthout look yourself in the eye and flirt with yourself. This makes for good pratice as well as boost your confidence. Something short like:

“Hey handsome, looking good… have a nice day.”

Or add some spice but have a motivational line like have a nice day or even “love you” or a wink or ‘air kiss’ towards yourself in the mirror will help too. ( Sounds weird and like were the hell and WTF your so gay and weird) don’t worry l haven’t married my mirror, if you’re wondering that and please don’t do it…:joy::joy:, but this will make you feel good about your image and you’ll not feel unwanted or hated.

That’s what I think might help your desires I know it’s long and sounds weird and wrong sorry for that, but I am trying to cover many angles including stuff like the mirror I have tried myself and it makes me feel good about me. I also have read it and thought wtf at first, but actually doing it man it is totally worth it.

Good luck and stay strong and awesome

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Also another thing I’d like to mention, I have joined a workout accountability group here named : " Workout accountability" should you need some motivation to workout. I also post links to YouTube for some exercise circuits there too.

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I appreciate your advice and time bro, thanks a ton🙏 But the problem is that girl wasn’t my girlfriend, i used to like her when i was small, i was mad over her and she keep rejecting me, i did everything for her but when the things weren’t going good, i decided to forgot her but I can’t so i took support of fapping,drugs,alcohol etc to calm my emotions down, and it went on like this untill I quit everything because i became so anxious, no friends, no girlfriends and like a weird guy. So now I noticed that it has became a part of my behavior (subconscious) as i told you my desire for her is still there in my dreams because in my subconscious its just her, even though i have a good physique, good job, everything god gave me and I’m gratefull for that but no girl fall for me, or if i try to fall for a new girl suddenly i start behaving like i used to behave with that girl (my crush) because it has became a part of my behaviour to get rejections (subconsciously) . I need to fix that to move on, as you told dreams are telling unsolved issues. I don’t have any feelings, I don’t cry, I don’t get angry because I used to suppress those emotions, i am just anxious and weird now and that’s what i want to know how to deal with that unresolved issue and suppress emotions? So i can start my life again, i can move on, i can heal that subconscious

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I love this, even more detail. :sweat_smile: sorry might have misunderstood at a point as well.

Well, okay fear of relationships and rejection is totally normal. As well as you mentioned falling back on old ways due to rejection.

Sadly this is going to take practice from yourself to get a date and also accept rejection. The thing is be aware in your situation so if you get rejected to focus that energy of sadness on exercise.

Or you could carry protein bars or something like a chocolate with you. To act as a reward as well as conciliation prize to try and get a girl.

Awesome that you serve a higher being. I don’t know if your a Christian or not but if so it is awesome to see you are seeing what God does for you. So praying about it to God will be a help too!

The other thing is have a major emotional thing you do. Like talking about it works. I’ll dm you later and we can stay in contact in another way should you wish it.

The thing is we tend to hide things often as guys and don’t really go deep into feelings. So it might be hard for you to cry or so since you also stop yourself from do it and not allowing it to happen.

So in releasing a lot of emotion get a puching bag. Hit the living shit out of it scream at it and truely fight it as if it was real and don’t hold back.

If you wanna say : Fuck you to it do it realise that feeling and hit it. Sometimes repressed feelings get released as well so you’ll cool down and maybe cry or get intouch with those feelings.

Another option is to meditate and focus on thinking about your feelings. This could also help you to focus on them.

Truely open yourself don’t hold back and truely do this in private and no interruptions.

Well with every thing it has a give time so if you feel sad. Allow yourself to be sad and mourn a a bit and cry should it evolve in such way.

In time you’ll learn how to work with your emotions.

Pff sorry for the long reads. I just wanna say I ain’t an total expert and truely hope someone can help you with more tips.

I wanna help as best as I can even just listening and I will listen and support no judgement and as best of my abilities I can help you!

Also anyone who reads this and wanna chat. Dm me here or if you do have Instagram : TL.Digicube is my instagram account and will help as best I can should you wish to talk in private.

My phone number will be given in private to you should you feel more comfortable on WA to chat

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Yes bro I got devil dreams,no problem let’s do it