Weakness aur tiredness

7-8 gante ki proper neend leta hu phir bhi kamjori aur thakan rahti hai.kya karu?


Workout start karo, and stop PMO completely, you can add meditation to heal your soul and mind.

For some people 7 hours is not enough.
Try sticking with 8 hours sleep. I have noticed myself that I can get through with 7 hours sleep for a few days but it takes a toll on me soon. It’s best for me if I stick with about 8 hrs nighttime sleep. Might be the case with you too.

Iska sirf ek reason h.
Kyonki me competitive exam me hu to mujhe ye problem aati rehti thi.

Apna sleeping schedule fix karo.
Fix matlab strictly fix.
Ki jese maan lo ki tum 11pm 11:45pm tak so jate ho. To daily usi time sona h.

Isse about 3 to 4 days me tumhary sleep cycke fix ho jayegi.
And then 6 hour will be sufficient.
Try karo and then batana agar problem aye to.

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